Price: CDN$ 39.99 - CDN$ 37.50
(as of Oct 11,2020 11:45:16 UTC – Details)

We try our best to fuel our bodies with leafy greens and nutrition that comes from all-natural sources, but sometimes life just gets in the way. We made Subi so that natural nutrition could be convenient and accessible to everyone. A serving of Subi in the morning provides you with 4 servings of nutrient dense greens and >60% of your daily nutrition. There’s something freeing knowing that you started off your day covering most of your nutritional needs.

Subi is ALL-NATURAL Nutrition. It takes 20 pounds of farm fresh fruits and vegetables and 40 hours in a low heat dehydrator just to make 1 bag. We don’t add any chemicals, artificial flavoring, or lab made vitamins to trump up our nutritional profile.
The Perfect Blend. Each serving represents >60% of daily nutrition and contains carefully selected superfoods for all-natural energy. Expect to experience improvements in mood, energy, digestion, complexion, and overall wellness!
Subi is nutrient dense because our vegetables are picked exactly when nature intended. The vegetables at the market are often picked 2-6 weeks too early so they won’t spoil while being shipped to the market, which is why they simply aren’t as nutritious!
We’re OBSESSED With Quality. Every ingredient was carefully sourced, every supplier was meticulously vetted, and every batch is tested. Subi is a result of our obsession over quality. We refuse to sell a product that we wouldn’t take ourselves.

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