Pelvic floor wear: what it is and how it affects us

One of the health problems that all women can be victims of is pelvic floor wear, but,what it is and how it affects us? Through this article we will give you in detail everything you should know about this problem that is rarely talked about.

And it is that, all women have muscles and soft tissue in the pelvis, which is known as pelvic floor or floor, and which can be damaged and wear over time, or with bad habits in daily routines, or activities we do.

What is the pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor is known as the area between the pubis and the coccyx, which surrounds the clitoris, urethra, zone v and the anus. The pelvic floor Helps prevent urine leakage caused with urinary incontinence, and also, through this you can get greater pleasure.

  • How does its wear affect?

The wear of the pelvic floor can be derived in different problems that directly affect both the physiological and intimate functions, among others.

-Urinary and / or fecal incontinence

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-Recurring urinary infections

-Sexual dysfunctions related to lack of sensitivity in the vagina or pain at the time of vaginal penetration

-Back, neck pain

-Constipation and pelvic pain

-Inabdominal organ fall

Pelvic floor wear: what it is and how it affects us. PHOTO: UNSPLASH

  • Benefits of strengthening the pelvic floor

Given this, it is necessary to take care of this delicate area of ​​the body, doing Kegel exercises, avoiding lifting very heavy things, or pushing them with your legs, so that your strength is unloaded on your pelvic floor. The benefits of strengthening it are as follows:

-Better sensitivity and muscle control to intensify orgasms and sexual pleasure.

-Practices like Kiss from Singapore and Alternatives in menstruation like Free Bleeding help you strengthen the pelvic floor.

-Working on the pelvic floor will help you prevent abdominal pain, urinary incontinence problems.

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