Experts warn that COVID-19 could cause diabetes

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned of an absolutely worrying situation, as it had to deal with a letter from ten Italian experts who anticipated the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the signatories of this letter was Alberto Zangrillo, head of the ICU at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, who commented that “unequivocal clinical evidence has long shown a marked reduction in cases of Covid-19 with symptoms. The need for hospitalization for symptoms attributable to viral infection is now a rare phenomenon and related to asymptomatic or little symptomatic patients. “

For this reason, the WHO immediately went out to make a pessimistic comparison between COVID-19 and the Spanish flu.

The spokesman was Ranieri Guerra, deputy director general of Strategic Initiatives of the organism, who pointed out the following to the Italian chain RAI.

“The coronavirus behaves following the hypothesis that we had proposed. The comparison is with the Spanish flu, which behaved exactly like Covid 19: it descended in the summer and returned fiercely in September and October, causing 50 million deaths during the second wave, “he said.

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Experts warn that COVID-19 could cause diabetes
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On Wednesday June 24, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reported that it is possible that in the next few days 10 million cases of COVID-19 will be reached.

“This is a reminder that even as we continue to research vaccines and treatments, we have an urgent responsibility to do everything possible with the tools we have available to reduce virus transmission and save lives,” said Tedros.

The WHO Director-General had also reiterated that “the estimate is that we could have a vaccine within a year, if it is accelerated it could be a little earlier, even a couple of months before.”

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