Pregnant Lady Gaga, the rumor rings out after leaked images

Pregnant Lady Gaga, the rumor rings out after leaked images this weekend, where the famous singer was seen accompanied by her partner, her boyfriend Michael Polansky.

After a quarantine that altered the release of his new album and promotional activities, Lady Gaga she has been working from home but also enjoying a little honeymoon with her boyfriend Michael Polansky.

The musical duet performed by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, The new material’s first single quickly consolidated on the main popularity charts and both celebrated in a big way, but it wasn’t all work.

These weeks Lady Gaga showed her commitment to various social causes that have drawn the attention of the world such as respect for diversity and protests against acts of discrimination and racism that target African Americans. Now, the biggest surprise of the year could have come: a baby?

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Lady Gaga and the rumor of her pregnancy

This weekend, Lady Gaga she went with her boyfriend to buy some food. In recent weeks the couple had left the house very little, looking for a way to protect themselves from the pandemic and also giving the message to the singer’s followers of the importance of being aware of the situation, taking shelter at home.

Now, Lady Gaga she was shown in a huge gray sweatshirt and shorts, showing an apparent weight gain that many classified as pregnancy, particularly by an image that shows her with some tummy and was leaked to social networks.

Although the singer and her representatives have not confirmed any pregnancy, other followers of Lady Gaga they pointed out in Instagram He had simply gained weight through quarantine like many other people and was fine.

Lady Gaga She has been a great spokesperson on the importance of accepting beauty in all its forms, she has also talked about her own eating disorders and how she does not give that factor much importance now. Whether it is pregnancy or not, you will know later.

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If true, Lady Gaga would join the list of new mothers as Katy Perry, Sophie Turner and more.

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