Pregnant woman developed breast cancer, but God had other plans, her baby was born healthy

Pregnant woman developed breast cancer, but God had other plans, her baby was born healthy And now she shares her story to inspire the whole world. Without a doubt the miracle of life always finds a way to make way in the worst of adversities.

It is the story of Kassandra Cerda, a strong woman from Texas, United Stateswho has struggled against all odds to care for her son’s life since she knew he would come into the world. At just 27 years old, Kassandra has taught how important it is to have hope, faith and love so that everything is possible.

It all started in February 2020, when at just 20 weeks’ gestation, Kassandra Cerda was diagnosed with breast cancer and so, he changed the rest of his pregnancy forever, because he had to undergo chemotherapies immediately and refused to terminate her pregnancy.

“I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t want to believe it, I was in denial … I was pregnant and I didn’t think something like that could happen to me, but cancer doesn’t discriminate.”

In April the treatment began, because the doctors of Kassandra Cerda determined that cancer it had reached his lymph nodes. For now, he awaits the results of various studies to know when he can resume treatment, and his life changed with the arrival of his son in the world.

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The miracle of life breaks through in the worst of storms

On June 17, Kassandra Cerda gave birth to a completely healthy son and ensures that you feel stronger than ever. In addition to this little boy, Kassandra was already the mother of another two-year-old boy.

“I was afraid of dying … but I am thankful that I have passed that stage, it was very difficult for me at first, I cried a lot, I had no hope. When you hear the word ‘cancer’ it sounds like you’re going to die. “

While the baby of Kassandra Cerda He was born a week before his estimated date, he arrived in the world completely healthy and now it will be two weeks before he knows what the next step in his fight for life will be. Expect tumors to shrink with round of chemotherapy pass.

A friend of Kassandra He has started an online collection to help him with the expenses and they have raised more than 15 thousand dollars. While you don’t know what your future will be, Kassandra Cerda He insists that he does not want them to feel sorry for her, but ensures that He decided to share his story to inspire others not to give up.

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Pregnant woman developed breast cancer, but God had other plans, her baby was born healthy. Special Kassandra Cerda

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