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Through market research, our R&D teams found that some angle finder rulers without data hold button have to twist the lock button. An error value might occur when doing the precise angle measuring, that locking mechanisms propensity to misalign everything throws the whole unit under the bus. During the locking, a slight movement will lead to inaccuracy.

To avoid this inaccuracy, we provide this digital angle finder ruler with Data Hold function to our customer. With our angle finder ruler, you don’t need to twist the lock button to keep the data, just press the HOLD Button! Save your time and ensure accuracy.



Stainless Steel Ruler with Zeroing and LockingStainless Steel Ruler with Zeroing and Locking


Length Measuring Range: 8 inches/200mm, Metric and Imperial Measuring Range: 0-360°




Battery:3V CR2032 (included)

One 3V environmental button battery, battery life>1 year


2-in-1, Measuring both length and angle

Measuring range: 200mm/0-360°

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Three function key

Zero-setting at any position

Quick display of the measured value on big LCD screen

With on-off power button, automatic power off

Strong lock screw can hold the readout securely

Stainless steel Fastening screw to fix the measuring angle in any position

Inside and outside angle measure


Package included :

1 * Digital Angle Finder

1 * 3V CR2032 Battery

How do you install the battery?

There is a small bracket on the side That you need to pull out with your nail equally and slide the battery inside.


2 in 1 Angle Finder







0.0005 inches(0.01 mm )

Measuring Range

8 inches(200mm) and 0-360°


12 inch(300mm) and 0-360°

8 inch(200mm) and 0-360°

0~ 6″( 0~150mm)

0 ~ 1 inches(0 ~ 25.4 mm)


1 * 3V CR2032 Battery

Portable Bag + 9V Battery

1 * 3V CR2032 Battery

1 * 3V CR2032 Battery

Feeler Gauge + Sturdy Plastic Case + Mini Screwdriver + Extra LR44 Battery

Rear Cover + 1.5V Battery


Measuring both length and angle

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Measuring Angle and Horizontal Vertical Bubble Level

Measuring both length and angle

Measuring both length and angle

Measuring small linear distances to inspect process of machine part

Measuring small linear distances to inspect process of machine part

【Data Hold Function】 Short Press HOLD Button to Keep the Angles Values in Any Times (LCD Display “H”), then Press Again to Cancel, Operate Conveniently, No Need to Worry about the Angle will Change when Moving the Ruler
【Fastening Lock Screw and ON/OFF/ZERO Button】 Stainless Steel Fastening Screw to Fix the Measuring Angle in any Position; ON/OFF/ZERO Button, Short Press to Turn On, then Short Press Again to Zero, Long Press to Turn Off
【Measurement Versatility】 Combined with Stainless Steel Ruler and Angle Sensor, Measuring Angle and Length (Metric and Imperial); Hinge Mechanism on the Angle Ruler Allows Full 360° to Measure Inside and Outside
【Smart Sleep Mode】 Come with a 3V CR2032 Battery, Automatically Shut Down after 6 Minutes of Inactivity

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