Queen Elizabeth reappears publicly to celebrate her birthday

Last April, the Queen Isabel However, he turned 94, his birthday is officially marked in June, with the traditional Trooping the Color parade. After months of isolation, the Queen Elizabeth reappears publicly to celebrate her birthday.

This time, she was not accompanied by any member of the royal family, nor the thousands of people who gathered in the streets to contemplate the great event, and celebrate the life of the Queen Isabel. This version of Trooping the Color was carried out by social distancing, in the gardens of Windsor Castle.

For this, a quadrilateral was set up in front where the monarch sat to watch the military show that lasted 20 minutes, and which was characterized for the participation of no more than 50 soldiers, healthy apart.

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The Queen Isabel She wore a spring flower print dress, with a turquoise coat, matching hat, black patent leather shoes, and a Launer bag. The outfit was the same one he used in December 2019, during his speech in both Houses of Parliament.

The Queen’s first appearance in a public engagement was televised live on BBC One, but she did not have access to the general public, following government regulations to prevent coronavirus infections.

A different birthday

In fact, the military ceremony for Queen Elizabeth was held in an area of ​​Windsor Palace to which you have no visual access from outside the enclosure, so that people do not accumulate.

The Queen traveled privately to the Castle, exclusively to that event that lasted barely 20 minutes, and which ended with a second royal greeting, which indicated the departure of the Guards and the Band from the ring.

On this occasion, there was no air show by the Royal Air Force, nor a parade of horses, nor hundreds of soldiers, royal carriages, nor the presence of the Royal family from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, much less the thousands of tourists. they traditionally gather on the streets to watch the parade. This has been the new normal due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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