QuickPic is no longer available, but there are other good photo galleries for your Android that you can use for free.

If you have always had mobiles with more or less personalized software by manufacturers, you may not know that, since Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android no longer includes gallery app and therefore it is the task of manufacturers, or ultimately users, to install an app that allows them to view the photos and videos captured with their mobile phones or downloaded from the Internet, directly from the device itself.

That is why the popularity of photo gallery apps for Android It has not been diminished over the years, because after all, users still have the opportunity to choose the application that meets all their needs in this regard. And among all of them, there is one that managed achieve success like no other: QuickPic.

But this famous application, which at the time accumulated millions of installations through Google Play, disappeared from the Android app store overnight –And thank goodness he did it. Although it returned to the Play Store for a time, QuickPic disappeared again in early 2020, leaving a gap that many have not yet replaced. To solve this problem, in this article we will collect the best alternatives to QuickPic, But first we are going to delve into the history of this app so you know what happened to it.

Redmi Note 8T, gallery app

A good photo gallery app will allow you to better organize your mobile images

QuickPic for Android in 2020: a bit of history

QuickPic had been on Android since the early days of the operating system. Its developer, known by the pseudonym AlenSW, had the intention of creating a gallery application that would work much faster than the native one of the system, and boy did it succeed. The result was an app whose weight did not exceed 1 MB in its early days, and still had all the essential features that they might need in an app of its category, all this combined with a fast and light operation.

As the years went by, they left introducing increasingly useful features and functions in-app, such as the ability to hide or protect folders, integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, and many, many more. With the arrival of version 4.0, the last one before the event that would mark the beginning of its end, QuickPic was undoubtedly the most famous gallery app in all of Google Play.

Then August 2015 came, and Cheetah Mobile, the company behind Clean Master, crossed the path of AlenSW with a tempting offer. Although even at this point the figures of the agreement are not known, we do know that it was enough for QuickPic control to become this controversial Chinese developer, and that the main thinking head of the project abandoned the ship at its best.

QuickPic Gallery

The controversial Cheetah Mobile company took control of QuickPic in 2015

Many users of the application they did not take long to leave QuickPic By knowing who would be in charge of maintaining the application at that time, and Cheetah Mobile itself had to try to retain users through strategies such as Gift of 1,000 GB of cloud storage to save user images and videos. But its history, such as sending user data without permission, among other illicit actions, led the app to the beginning of its decline.

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Withdrawal of QuickPic from Google Play

With developers who cared little about their community, and users increasingly tired of the app starting to flood with unnecessary ads and add-ons, December 2018 came and the application was removed from the Google Play Store. Google did not make official the specific reasons why QuickPic was removed from the Google Play Store, although it was all part of a campaign to “Cleaning” of apps created by Cheetah Mobile and other of its affiliates, after having exposed a massive click fraud case through which their apps fraudulently obtained thousands of positive evaluations.

And from that moment, there was little. QuickPic was still unavailable, and some of the lovers of this application managed revive the classic version of the app, allowing anyone who wants to enjoy its features, to do so without a trace of Cheetah Mobile add-ons. You can download the APK from XDA-Developers:

However, at the end of April 2019, when Cheetah Mobile was immersed in another controversy that ended up causing the disappearance of ES File Explorer from the store, QuickPic surprisingly returned to the Google Play app catalog. Of course, with some restrictions by Google, since it was not possible to download the application on all devices.

The presence of QuickPic in the Android application store did not last long. In early 2020, Google Play removed all Cheetah Mobile apps, including the photo gallery you had purchased from AlenSW. No one was saddened by this, all users aware of the danger of using any application developed by this company. And so to this day, in which it is still not possible to download QuickPic on your Android.

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The best photo galleries for Android

There is no doubt that the history of QuickPic is worthy of study. But it’s not the only photo gallery app out there for Android, and I’m very afraid that by now its superiority would no longer be as clear as it once was. In fact, these are seven fantastic alternatives that can be downloaded, and they offer many of the features of this historic Android app, along with many others.


Fast, beautiful and cross-platform. Piktures carries several years leading the category of Android photo gallery apps, with over a million installations and a developer who does care about his community. It has some of the most famous QuickPic features, such as the possibility of protect folders, access to images and videos in the cloud or reproduction –and creation– of animated images in GIF format.

It also has a integrated photo editor With which you can retouch the images without leaving the app. Another of its most notable functions is the calendar view in the images and videos grid, which makes it easier to find the captures taken on a specific day.

Google Photos

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Google Photos

Google Photos, one of the best apps ever created by Google.

Although your mobile does not include a gallery app, it is very likely that Google Photos is among the system applications. The image and video storage service in the cloud is, in addition to one of the best applications ever created by Google, a fantastic alternative to the gallery app from any Android device.

Beyond allowing unlimited high-quality images and videos to be saved in the cloud, Google Photos has built-in editor, the ability to create albums, smart assistant and a host of other features that come into the app almost every week. To make matters worse, it also hides a trick with which to get even more out of it if possible.

Simple Gallery

But you may just need an application to see the photos and videos you take with your mobile, and nothing else. In that case, you probably Simple Gallery is one of the most recommended options that exist in the store.

It is an open source app, which includes essential functions such as the possibility of renaming, sharing, deleting, moving images between folders or configuring photos as wallpaper, as well as other somewhat more advanced utilities, such as compatibility with SVG and RAW files -being one of the best apps to get the most out of the format– or panoramic photos. For 0.69 euros you can get with its Pro version, which gives you access to extra functions.

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Photo gallery and album

Photo gallery and album app

With over 5 million downloads, Photo Gallery and Album is one of the most popular in this category

If you are looking for a good photo gallery for your Android, Photo gallery and album is one of the best free options you will find in the Play Store. With support for the most popular formats, Quick access to files and integrated photo editor, this app has earned a good reputation among users.

From Photo Gallery and Album you can review the photos of your mobile or tablet, since it is also optimized for these devices. Also, from the app itself you can set wallpapers and manage files by changing their organization.

Camera roll

Of all the alternatives in this selection, Camera Roll is probably the app most similar to the latest versions of QuickPic that were still worth it, in terms of design and available features. It has a simple appearance, with design lines based on the Material Design language, and great animations when performing various actions.

Its code is free, and among the most important features are the Exif data visualization of photos, virtual albums, the ability to hide folders or a built-in file explorer that allows you to move and copy images and videos between folders.

A + Gallery

Another good photo gallery that you can download for free is A + Gallery, with more than 10 million downloads in the Android application store. With a style that mixes the Material Design language and the iPhone design, A + Galería will automatically organize photos based on when and where you made them. In addition, you can also choose another type of organization by creating folders based on the criteria you decide.

You can too hide your private photos by setting a password, search photos by color and access all the images you have stored in services like Dropbox. Without a doubt, A + Gallery is one of the most complete photo gallery apps for Android.

Gallery Go

Google Gallery Go

Gallery Go, developed by Google, does not require an Internet connection

Light, fast and smart, this is Gallery Go, the photo gallery app developed by Google for those devices with limited resources. You do not need an Internet connection to use this useful tool that organize and edit your photos automatically thanks to machine learning systems.

With a weight that does not exceed 10 MB, Gallery Go is the ideal app if you have a limited storage device. In addition, this app comes with dark mode, a simple and clean interface and easy access to your images. Simple, but useful, so is this photo gallery with which we finished the compilation.

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