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Rachel Lindsay reveals she’s “embarrassed” to be associated with The Bachelor franchise

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Okay so during a recent interview with Page Six, Rachel opened up about a lot of stuff. Including, Hannah Brown’s recent apology for using the n-word.
When speaking on the apology, Rachel said that she actually doesn’t want to critique it, and she, herself did it “solid” and “hearfelt.”
That being said, Rachel went on to add that that’s exactly what she would expect when it takes two weeks to even put it out.
Rachel continued on to say that people will be counting on Hannah to stick her word since QUOTE “there were a lot of things that were promised in the apology.”

Moving onto another topic Rachel discussed in the interview, being, how she feels being apart of the bachelor franchise, which is notorious for never casting people of color as leads. Rachel shared that she often feels compelled to speak up about this issue and even went as far as making this comparison, saying QUOTE
“We have now casted for 40 seasons — even though they haven’t started Clare [Crawley’s] There’s been one person of color in 40 seasons. We have 45 presidents. There has been one person of color. We are literally on par to saying that you are more likely to become the president of the United States than you are to be the lead of this franchise. That is insane.”
Rachel continued on to add, QUOTE “How can I sit back and be quiet, when I am a part of something that isn’t as supportive or doesn’t reflect who I am? I just feel like if anybody is in my position, you couldn’t sit quiet about that … And I don’t think that anyone would fault me — a higher up in the franchise — for saying that.”

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As for who’s responsible for this, although Rachel is obviously not apart of casting, she did say that she feels she’s a little bit apart of the problem, saying QUOTE “We continue to make excuses as to why we haven’t seen this change. You continue to say, ‘Oh, well, it’s just because the lead hasn’t picked a person of color that’s gone far enough. Oh, this person was more qualified for this person. Oh, the audience liked this person more.’ But that’s not true.”

She also brought up this past season of bachelor in paradise and how they brought Demi’s now ex-fiance Kristian onto the show, who wasn’t even a castmember, and it revealed to Rachel that the franchise can do whatever they want. Including having the lead of their show be a person of color.
And that’s when Rachel revealed that she is embarrassed to be affiliated with the franchise at all, saying QUOTE
“When I look at what’s happening in our country, and then I look at the franchise, I can’t continue to be affiliated — it’s embarrassing honestly at this point — to be affiliated with a franchise who is not on the right side of this,” 

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Okay you guys, now it’s time to hear what you think about Rachel’s interview. Do you think this could lead to the bachelor actually branching out and diversifying their casting? Let me know down in the comments below.
There’s a lot going on in our country right now and here at Shared News, we want to remind you that it’s important to speak up now more than ever, because black lives matter and this isn’t the time to be silent about it. In the description box below, we’ve put some helpful links that I hope you check out.
Alright you guys, Thank you all so much for watching, As always, I’m your host Renee Ariel, you can follow me @ReneeAriel on socials and I’ll see you next time.


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