Roscosmos plans to send two tourists to the ISS in 2023

The Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) reported that it plans to send two tourists on a paid trip to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2023, where one will be conducting a spacewalk.

As reported by The Verge, both travelers will be sent via short flight with the Soyuz rocket directly to the ISS, where they will stay for a time.

Roscosmos is currently working with the US agency Space Adventures, who specialize in organizing space flights for clients who have the necessary money.

The last trip tourists made to the ship occurred in 2009, when Cirque du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberté flew there thanks to Soyuz rockets.

Roscosmos plans to send two tourists to the ISS in 2023

After that event that occurred more than 10 years ago, Russia decided to stop sending space tourists, since NASA asked them to focus on bringing astronauts to the place.

When in 2011 the Agency commanded by Jim Bridestine terminated the space shuttle, Russian rockets became the primary collaborator in sustaining human activity on the International Space Station.

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But currently things have changed, since after the successful SpaceX flight with the Falcon rocket and the Crew Dragon capsule last May, NASA will begin to opt for its services.

Given this, Roscosmos is thinking of reviving travel with tourists to that place, noting that now his goal is for one of the private travelers to take a spacewalk.

Eric Anderson, President and CEO of Space Adventures referred to the Russian announcement stating that “a private citizen completing a spacewalk would be another great step forward for private space flights.”

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