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Ever been searching for an antiseptic solution that disinfects and is gentle on your skin?
This rubbing isopropyl alcohol will help you to clean and disinfect your skin and pores and help you treat minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds. That is why it is frequently used at tattoo shops for cleaning and prevent bacteria and infection off the skin before piercing and getting a tattoo. Today every adolescent is experiencing some issues with acne and pimples and that can be a very stressful situation, but thanks to this topical antiseptic sanitizer you can say goodbye to all of these problems. 
In beauty sector IPA 99% is used heavily in the nail industry. The chemical is great for cleaning the surface of the client’s nails and producing maximum nail shine. For example, when applying the tremendously popular Shellac nail polish, the procedure details even include using a nail brush that is dipped in isopropyl alcohol 99% to detail the nails and to make them shine.
It can be used as an industrial cleaner for machinery and parts. Isopropyl alcohol is also found in many everyday products such as paint thinners, inks, general-purpose cleaners, disinfectants, and windshield thawing agents.
With the highest quality and ultra-high purity our isopropyl alcohol contains no added water or other ingredients. Comes in a package of 1 bottle 473ml.
Our mission is to bring YOU 100% satisfaction and enjoyment, and that is why we’re offering only the best products for YOU! Don’t wait and ORDER NOW, we guarantee you won’t regret it!
✅ MULTIPLE USES – Our rubbing alcohol can be used as an industrial cleaner for machinery and parts, screen cleaner and other surfaces cleaner, as hand sanitizer, disinfectant and gel nail polish remover for cleaning the surface of the nails and give maximum nail shine, which makes this Isopropyl alcohol something you MUST HAVE at your home.
✅ TREATMENT OF MINOR CUTS AND SCRAPES – This topical antiseptic solution is a perfect way to clean and disinfect your skin and pores, it is frequently used at tattoo shops to clean bacteria off of the skin before a tattoo or piercing, and the 99 % Isopropyl Alcohol will help you to prevent and fight the risk of infection.
✅ PACKAGE INCLUDED – Topical Antiseptic and Sanitizer 473ml Each | 1 Bottle
✅ ORDER NOW RISK FREE – 30 day no questions asked FULL refund & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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