Samsung has a UV charger to sterilize the cell phone

With more than six months to go since the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic began, tech companies have not wanted to be left behind when it comes to innovation.

This is the case of Samsung, who have presented a UV wireless charger with which they promise to destroy up to 99% of the bacteria that may be on your mobile device.

According to its creators, the new power adapter is already on sale and has been called a sterilizer UV ITFIT.

Its function will be to charge any Samsung device, but this is not only limited to cell phones or wireless devices such as the Galaxy Buds and Watch, since it will also be used for products from other companies.

Its design is based on a small box in which the UV technology will be integrated inside, which will destroy all viruses and bacteria that may be in the devices.


At the time of covering the mobile, you must connect it with a power supply using USB-Type C, and then actuate the switch.

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The charger has a power of 10 watts and thanks to it you can charge and sterilize your mobile phone.

As for the product, the design is not official from Samsung, as the Korean company negotiated with the company. ITFIT, with whom they reached an agreement to jointly market the UV sterilizer.

What’s more, from now on the company specialized in this type of products has become a sub-brand of the South Korean company, so it is expected that devices of this type will continue to appear in the future.

After the development of the pandemic, these products have become popular again and are currently a viable alternative in the context of the health emergency.

For now this product is only marketed in Thailand at a price of approximately $ 51 dollars and there is still no certainty if it will reach the market in the United States or other places around the world.

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