Sekiro Guide: Shadows Die Twice for Beginners

The latest action adventure game from legendary studio FromSoftware, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, It is one of the most complex we have ever played. Even if you have experience with other studio titles, such as the series Dark Souls, Demorn’s Souls, or BloodborneYou will find a lot to learn when you try it, because although it is similar to these, the differences are enough to puzzle even the most experienced, and if you want to survive you will need some help. Why we created this guide Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for starters. Get comfortable and pay attention.


Stealth killings and escape

Sekiro Guide: Shadows Die Twice for Beginners

In Sekiro There are two main ways to kill or launch a powerful surprise attack with a deadly shinobi strike on your enemies, and they both do the same damage. The first is to sneak behind someone (duck down with the left stick and pin your enemy down with the right click) and hit the attack button when a red circle appears. If he is a standard enemy with a single health bar, he will instantly die. If it is an enemy with more than one health bar, this will eliminate the first one.

You can also perform a stealth attack by jumping from above. Fix a distracted enemy below your position and jump so that you fall on it. When the red circle appears, hit the attack button and you will bury your sword.

If you use to kill one enemy after another with stealth attacks like in Splinter cell or in Metal Gear Solid, in Sekiro You will be in trouble, as killing an enemy with a stealth attack will almost always alert those nearby.

Also, the one you are attacking must ignore your exact location. If they have a red triangle over their heads or if they are attacking you directly, the attack will not work, at least in the early stages of the game. However, a yellow triangle is a sign that they are looking for you but they don’t know where you are, so you can sneak behind to kill them.

The strategy of attacking and fleeing may be feasible in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twiceas long as you have a way to escape. Jump or sneak to kill an enemy; then look for a place to hold on to you. If something is available you will see a green circle and you can hold the left trigger to escape danger. Then wait for the enemies to forget about you and repeat the process.

Sword combat

Sekiro Guide: Shadows Die Twice for Beginners

When an enemy detects chaos, it breaks loose; that’s when sword fighting comes into play. This is not like Dark Souls, in which you simply block before inflicting damage on your enemies. Here you must use a combination of attacks, evasions and blocks to exhaust your enemy’s stance. Then you can hit him with a deadly shinobi strike that is identical in terms of damage to the stealthy assassin attack.

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This means that you should not lower your level of aggressiveness, since the posture recharges over time, and without affecting the posture of an enemy, it will take too long to reduce their health.

The best way to stay on the offensive is to deflect your opponent’s attacks. Instead of holding the block button, press it just when you are going to receive the attack and you will shoot down his weapon. This will damage your posture and give you a second to connect one or two shots. One tactic we like to do is to use the deviate button continuously to quickly eliminate the opponent’s stance. This method is not 100 percent foolproof, but it can be highly effective. The time will soon come when you won’t have to do this, because when you become familiar with your enemy’s attack patterns you will instinctively know when to press it.

Just like in games Dark Souls, you have a health item called “healing pumpkin” that is reset every time you rest in the areas called Idol of the Sculptor. Its number of charges is limited, but it can be increased using pumpkin seeds, which are found with certain enemies and around the world. It is necessary to use the healing pumpkin even if you are not close to death, since your health is linked to the speed at which your posture recharges. If you fight health in half, things will be more difficult for you.

Shinobi prosthesis

Sekiro Guide: Shadows Die Twice for Beginners

The most important thing in the FromSoftware formula in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice it is the shinobi prosthesis, an arm that the Wolf receives after the prologue. It can be used with a variety of accessories that are activated with the right trigger during combat. Available accessories include a flaming chute, a charged lance, and a charged shuriken. Each one has its own benefits and they are all linked with spiritual emblems, which can be found in different places and with enemies, or they can also be acquired in an Idol of the Sculptor.

If you’re having trouble with a specific type of enemy, there’s a good chance one of these accessories will work for you. Enemies with shields, for example, are susceptible to the ax, while fire can be useful for dealing damage and exhausting stances. You can get creative with the accessories, and you can even change the ones you are using during combat, by pressing the button with the triangle or the letter Y.

You will find additional accessories throughout your adventure; they are often inside chests. However, you cannot use them without first heading to the Desolate Temple that you visited at the beginning of your adventure. There the Sculptor will take your new accessory and place it on your prosthesis.

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If you are able to defeat Genichiro, you can face any boss

Sekiro Guide: Shadows Die Twice for Beginners

When you have advanced about 20 percent you will meet Genichiro Ashina, an enemy that is considered the toughest in the game. It is ruthless, fast and does not seem to offer many spaces to attack it. Since it is so difficult, many players often stop before defeating it. The good news is that if you can beat him, you will have the skills to beat any boss.

If you’re having trouble, try to block it and focus on its posture, not its health. Save your health items for the final stage, because that’s where things get stressful. It is also a good idea to remove the ax prosthesis to inflict as much damage as possible to health and posture. When you reach the final stage, where Genichiro jumps and shoots lightning bolts at you, be sure to return the lightning bolt to leave him vulnerable to your attacks. Attack with patience and take your time with this boss. After defeating him, you can celebrate knowing that you have just defeated the most difficult enemy in the game.


Let’s see. “Shadows Die Twice” means that shadows die twice, but what do they mean by that? We explain: thanks to supernatural strength, in this game you can revive if you fall during combat. When you die, simply press the R1 or RB button to resurrect with around half your health and you can continue fighting. If you are killed again, you will return to the last Sculptor Idol you have visited and you will get another resurrection for next time.

When you die you will also lose half the progress you take to the next skill point, plus half your money (sen). Occasionally you will receive “invisible help” and you will not lose anything when you die, but the chance of this happening decreases every time you die.

In fact there are ways to revive more than once. If you give deadly shinobi hits to powerful enemies, you will gradually see a second resuscitation icon fill up on your health bar. When it is full you can revive again.

But be careful; There is still a mandatory recovery time between one resuscitation and another, and when you use the second one, it will disappear until you have returned enough deadly shinobi blows or used a wrapped jizo figurine. However, this item is very rare, so only use it when you are completely sure that you will not die again.


Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide for Beginners

As in other FromSoftware games, in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice there are so many hidden secrets. If in any area you see two roads that you can take and you have already decided that one is the “correct” one, take the other first. There will always be something to do or to find.

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But don’t just look left and right; it also looks up and down. Also, if you jump and press the jump button a second time on a flat surface, you will jump even higher. You can grab onto a ledge or hold onto a wall, reaching areas apparently out of your reach, and you can use your grappling hook to rise above buildings or deep into canyons to uncover hidden caverns.

As you explore, you will probably find more Sculptor Idols to rest, but you should also look for closed doors. If a door says “it doesn’t open from this side,” it means that the time will come when you can open it, when you find a way to get there. When you do this you will create a shortcut that will allow you to travel freely from one side to the other.


Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide for Beginners

In Sekiro there is no “soul” system, and you do not improve your individual stats using the resources you acquire from dead enemies. Instead, there are some types of items, in addition to “skill points,” that help you improve your power. We explain them below.

Skill Points: These are obtained after killing enemies, and the progress towards your next point is shown in a bar in the upper right corner of your screen. The skills are divided into several different trees that you will unlock at different times in the game. They include both special attacks and passive abilities that improve something, such as spiritual emblems or healing power.

Pumpkin seeds: You find them on certain enemies and in the game world. These give a recharge to your healing pumpkin. Occasionally some character in the game can sell them to you. To use them, find Emma in the Desolate Temple.

Prayer beads: You also find them in certain enemies and in the game world. These improve your health and your posture. You need four to improve these things, and you can do it in a Sculptor’s Idol.

Memories: you get them after killing bosses. Memories improve your overall attack power. You can also use them by going to a Sculptor Idol.

Due to Sekiro’s level system (or rather, the lack of it), you cannot “grind” like in other FromSoftware titles. Improvements are limited and there is a cap before moving on to the next area. This means that – sorry – you will have to practice and improve.

* Updated by Aron Covaliu on June 30, 2020

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