Shooting leaves four injured and two people dead in California

In Red Bluff, California, a man opened fire on the people who were in that place, leaving a balance of apparently four wounded and two deaths, of whom his identity is unknown until now, the rest of the people who were in that place are now in the hospital.

The man who identifies himself as the aggressor, entered a Walmart warehouse with his vehicle, starting to shoot all the people of the place. According to Allison Hendrickson to The Associated Press, the people most affected by the shooting were rushed to the St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff.

The shooting started around 3:30 p.m. at the Walmart distribution center south of Red Bluff, with an AR-type weapon. There was also a fire at the scene and the suspect allegedly entered his building with his vehicle, where around 200 workers were on the premises.

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When the shooting started, most of the workers locked themselves in a room. The assailant entered the Walmart warehouse in a white vehicle where he was positioned in the middle of the parking lot, according to the Sacramento Bee newspaper. It was until 3:45 that the suspect was shot in the chest, according to different sources.

Scott Thammakhanty, an employee at the site reception, reported that he began hearing gunshots from a semi-automatic weapon. “It went on and on, I don’t even know how many times he fired, I just know it was many times.” He pointed.

At the moment, it has only been obtained from information that a woman was shot, and that the Walmart spokesperson; Scott Pope commented that the company was aware of the event and that it would work in conjunction with the police. Being the only information they could provide at the moment.


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