Signs that indicate that man is not ready for a relationship

Signs that indicate that man is not ready for a relationship. Today we have to speak to you with the truth although it may hurt, we do not want you to waste your time with a boy who does not offer you true love.

When you are hopelessly in love it is somewhat complicated to realize that this special man is only playing with you, that is why today we will explain three signs that he does not want anything serious.

Remember that your time is worth a lot and never forget that you deserve real loveDo not settle for less, because in doing so you condemn yourself to a love life full of deficiencies.

He never talks about his future plans

When a man is in love he seeks to include his girl in all his future plans, if you notice that he never talks to you about his projects or goals, we are sorry to tell you that you are not his priority.

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Looking for you only on weekends

If that man you like so much only looks for you on Saturday nights to invite you to his apartment, the signal is clear, he just wants to spend a night of passion without compromise.


If she disappears for weeks without explanation, stay alert, she’ll probably date other girls, or she just doesn’t have time for a serious relationship. Take care of your heart and don’t risk yourself for a boy who doesn’t value you.

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