Single woman: Men you must get away from to be happy

The life of a Single woman it is not simple. It is valid to choose to walk without the company of a couple but then more than one is impressed with your strength, with your fullness and could cause uncomfortable experiences. Let’s talk about men you must walk away from to be happy.

Yes one strong, smart and successful woman It will be a magnet for various types of people, including men who could seek a relationship for the wrong reasons, because sometimes They insist on being close to you for some kind of convenience but not for love and it causes a conflict-ridden relationship.

And it is that by now, the experiences you have lived for sure have given you a clear idea of ​​what you do not want in a couple and although we would like to say that you are ready for true love, the reality is that someone worse can always come, a wolf in sheep’s clothing that can confuse you.

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Easy, attitudes say more than a thousand words and so we have created a small list of the most dangerous men who could make you a victim, the detail is in observing their behavior so as not to fall into the trap.

The men who steal your happiness are those who only see you as an object to satisfy some desire or need

For a long time several men have grown up thinking that they deserve everything, in their own home they have been taught that what they do is right and that their bad behaviors are not important, but they are and sometimes they need a resounding “no” to understand what they are wrong about, so they don’t be surprised if you come across any of these specimens:

The materialist

He is the boy who dresses well and smells delicious, but he always cares about the material and not the heart, he is the one who will love to see you groomed, but he will always expect you to have an impeccable outfit, including hair and makeup. The superficial will be exposed by observing how he treats others, especially those who provide a service.

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He is the typical one who speaks wonders to you, tells you that you are beautiful, a great woman … and makes a revolution when someone sees you, flatters you or congratulates you on something, especially if it’s another boy. As soon as he gains confidence, try to change yourself so that you do not attract the attention of others, this only speaks of their insecurities.

The one who pretends to be “a good boy”

We are talking about the one who begs you for an opportunity, who promises that he is “different from the others” and who believes that by acting kind or pretending to be a gentleman, he will have the right to everything with you, because it is enough that you say no to radically change and explode, He will even say that you sought him out, that you offered himself to him, and he will speak of you.

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Single woman: Men you must get away from to be happy. Unsplash

The insecure

He is the one who always expects you to make the decisions about the relationship. Yes, it is nice at first because you feel that he trusts you, but over time he is tired and even becomes a burden because you get tired of being strong, he becomes dependent on you and ruins love.

The “worst is nothing”

He is the boy that we give a chance because we despair when we do not find someone to fill us completely, here we make the mistake because we know that something is missing and we give him false hopes.

No, having this type of company is not an obligation and we do not have to settle for less than we want, much less hurt someone for our selfishness. By the way, if you are the “worst is nothing” careful, at any moment it will disappear when someone who is what they want in a couple arrives completely.

The one who only seeks intimacy

He is the typical one who only wants us to hang out and once being together, he no longer remembers us or disappears. If what you want is pleasure ahead, just don’t forget to take care of yourself. If you are looking for an emotional bond, then stay away from it for your sake or it will break your heart in a very painful way.


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