Price: CDN$ 31.99
(as of Oct 06,2020 23:57:56 UTC – Details)

[Durability] Strong Heavy-duty ABS plastic Rotate Button area and ice scraper make sure the swivel broom head and ice crusher stays in place for multiple time uses without cracking
[Toughness] Well made Thick Scratch-resistant bristles and rubber squeegee swipe out snow and ice in no time. Both are Firm enough to push heavy snow without scratching the paint. Warm comfortable foam grip is nice to have in your hand rather than cold metal or plastic
[Effortlessness] Detachable attachments for Fast & Efficient use with lock-in push button featuring easy assemble and disassemble so you don’t have to stay out longer in the cold and no more worries about finding a place long enough to store a long device
[Warmness] Soft and comfortable foam grip keeps you warm and ergonomic design ensures a firm handle

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