Some news may be exclusive to the Google Pixel.

That your mobile is one of the lucky ones that have the update to Android 11 guaranteed, does not mean that you will be able to enjoy all the functions of the new version of the operating system on your device. In fact, at least three of the best news of this update, they may not be available on all models that will update to the new version.

This has been confirmed from the XDA portal, where they have discovered through a preliminary copy of the Android Compatibility Definition Document or CDD, which lists all the changes that manufacturers they should implement in the software of your devices. And even more interesting, which ones should not include at their terminals.

Android 11

Android 11 introduces great news

Conversations in notifications

One of the great news of Android 11 in terms of notifications management is the arrival of a new section to the notification panel, called “Conversations”. In it, all the messages coming from messaging applications are gathered, in order to give priority to messages from other people and not so much to notices from other apps.

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Well: it turns out that, according to the preliminary copy of the CDD that reflects the changes in Android 11, manufacturers can choose whether or not to implement this function, and it is not mandatory to adopt this new section. Considering the craze of some brands to manage notifications in a very different way than Google, it is very likely that let’s see a good number of brands who will decide to skip this function.

Device control in the shutdown menu

Don’t expect to see the new device control panel in all terminals that update to Android 11. This novelty, which for many is one of the best of all Android 11, allows access a renewed device shutdown menu in which appear controls of the devices of our connected home, as well as a section with the ** cards and passes stored in Google Pay.

And although Google initially decided to make this implementation feature mandatory for manufacturers, the most recent copy of the CDD explains that no longer necessary manufacturers to include this feature, and can disable it in their device software if they wish. However, we trust that most will decide to keep it activated.

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The driving license on the mobile thanks to the IdentityCredential API

Since the end of last year we know that Android 11 would introduce a new API that would enable the possibility of store official credentials on our devices, such as driver’s licenses or other identification documents. This API, called IdentityCredential, would allow store this type of documents in a safe space of the device, and whose access was available without the need for an Internet connection.

Mobile driving license with Android 11

Not all Android updated to Android 11 will allow you to carry your card on your mobile

Unfortunately, the Android 11 compatibility definition document states that Google strongly recommends adopting this API to manufacturers, but it is not mandatory to do it as it happens with other Android 11 news.

It is necessary to emphasize that all the information collected has been extracted from a preliminary copy of the CDD Android, and it is not ruled out that things could change. However, by now most manufacturers should already be working on developing the builds of Android 11 intended for your main devices based on the rules of the latest platform compatibility definition document.

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In addition, the most recent changes made by Google to this document are most likely due to feedback from the manufacturers themselves, who would have asked Google for some flexibility in implementing the functions of the latest version of the operating system in their software. It remains to be seen, then, if the innovations mentioned in this article end up being exclusive to the Google Pixels and a few other terminals, or if the developers decide to lean on and offer all the changes to the owners of their devices.

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