Pilot will be one of the most demanded space jobs.

Technology is driving the emergence of amazing job sources. The best example is space jobs, the rise of which has been fueled by NASA’s renewed focus and the push of companies like SpaceX, whose engineers have even given a list of tips for joining the Elon Musk team. Do you dream of literally earning your money in the stars? Here we give you a list of space work that will probably be a reality soon.

Space pilot

Pilot will be one of the most demanded space jobs.
Pilot will be one of the most demanded space jobs. Virgin Galactic

The dream of piloting your own spaceship was the fantasy of any child who has seen the movies of Star wars and imagine being Han Solo in command of the Millennium Falcon. However, it may soon be a reality.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is on track to become the space equivalent of commercial airlines, and plans for space tourism continue to grow, so there will be a significant increase in the need for space pilots. To this we must also add a set of auxiliary space works for this area, such as space traffic control officials and space flight attendants, among others.

Space lawyer

No, not the title of John Grisham’s upcoming thriller, but a new kind of job that will be available to the lawyers of tomorrow. A “lawyer” may not seem like the kind of job you think of when you imagine the future, but it will certainly be a highly demanded specialization.

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Space regulations, as well as rights, on the exploitation of asteroids are extensive and vague at present. But it is exactly these types of areas that will be the subject of billions in the future. Being a space lawyer promises to be an exciting and lucrative profession.

Space architect and construction expert


Would you like to design a new space station? How about developing future lunar bases or homes on Mars? If in the past the work of a space architect had meant imagining futuristic settings for Hollywood movies, it will soon be an existing type of work.

The architects will not only be recreating terrestrial structures for space. They should have experience in the harsh environments found only in space, capable of withstanding everything from extreme radiation to sub-zero temperatures. And they will also need an understanding of fields like physical and psychological well-being in space, plus more specialized knowledge.

Designing buildings is only part of the task. Carrying out construction or repair work, some on-site, will also be a possible work area. In some cases, building materials and parts may be 3D printed in space and never have been on Earth. Of course, self-assembled nanobots or giant 3D printers could do some of the work, but there will always be a need for human involvement.

Space doctor

Did you know that prolonged time in space physically changes the structure of astronauts’ eyes? What does it mean for a person to stay days, weeks or even months away from Earth in a desolate environment like that of the Moon? What happens to a passenger if they become ill during a commercial space flight?

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Several universities are already offering courses or modules in fields such as spatial physiology and health. While you could argue that these courses are premature in terms of space medicine training, within a decade or two we will be grateful that they exist.

Asteroid miner

Asteroid miner
Searching for asteroid mining resources will also offer a set of space jobs. Deep Space Industries

With the depletion of resources on Earth, the hope is that valuable resources can be extracted from the approximately 9,000 asteroids currently traveling in orbit near Earth, and the more than 1,000 new ones discovered each year. The dream is that these asteroids contain a large amount of resources, from water to platinum.

Since we don’t know exactly how this mining will take place, it’s difficult to say what functions a space miner will have. However, they are likely to draw on the same mining experience that is currently required on Earth. The Colorado School of Mines already offers a course in this field.

Space engineer

Of all the space jobs on this list, space engineers are the most present in 2019. Thanks to the large number of companies and organizations, both private and public, an aerospace engineer with experience in developing satellites, rockets, and shuttles Space is a highly sought-after profession. But in time it will be even more so.

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An unprecedented number of satellites are in the process of launching, while rockets are experiencing some of their most significant advancements in decades. If you add to this the new types of space robots, rovers or space cars, and cleaning operations, there are a number of jobs for space engineering.

Other space works

Special works

If your chosen career is not on this list, don’t despair. While there is also an opportunity to retrain (new courses, like the one at the Colorado School of Mines, focus on supplemental training for people who already work), there will also be a call for many other professions.

“You need people from all kinds of different disciplines,” he told Digital Trends Dr. Angel Abbud-Madrid, director of the Space Resources Center and Associate Professor of Research in Mechanical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. “You need mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, mining experts, computer scientists, geologists, geophysicists, economists. Think of all the jobs we have here on Earth. Many of those will also be used when we go to space. It opens up a whole new range of possibilities for new jobs and opportunities. ”

In other words, clean up your resume and don’t forget to include a couple of paragraphs about your availability for non-serious jobs!

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