Summer 2020: Outfits to look elegant and fresh during this season (Instagram Special)

Summer 2020: Outfits to look elegant and fresh during this season | Instagram Special

Summer 2020 has arrived and with it, new trends which are at their peak during this year. Even though some people are still at home, fashion conforms to women and this time they are characterized by being comfortable and easy to use.

These outifits should not be missing in the elegant women’s closet, since they enjoy being versatile and combinable with any basic, accompanied by the correct accessories such as sunglasses, wallet in hand and matching heels or sandals.

Summer 2020: Outfits to look elegant and fresh during this season

One of the outfits that will be trend during this 2020 are woven garments and Tie dye, which as a whole is beautiful. This trend works best for girls who like to be fashionable and are not afraid to experiment with colors and textures. In addition to being a fun outfit, perfect for a casual day.

  • Denim shorts, basic top and hat

For the days of being at home or going out on a casual date in the afternoon, the perfect clothes are the shorts and shorts, accompanied by a basic top in neutral colors or opt for a complete outfit of the same color to look slimmer and with the final touch but not the least; a hat.

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This is the quintessential comfortable and elegant garment. So if you have an event like a cocktail party, a video call date or an outdoor meeting with a little formality, the palazzo is the perfect garment for elegant and classic women who want to enjoy the summer in a beautiful piece.

  • Polka dot skirts and silk top

And for those women who want to look feminine and want to show some skin, a classic garment that will not go out of style, they will be the polka dot skirts inspired by flamenco. This garment is characterized by having ruffles or ruffles that add volume to your skirt. This garment combines perfectly with the basics and you can wear white heels or tennis shoes, without any problem.

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