Thanks Dad for proving that heroes do exist

Thanks dad for showing me that heroes do exist. Thanks to you, I learned to be brave, You trusted me as I took my first steps and ventured into the unknown. You taught me that I can get what I want with work and perseverance, while the rest, the future will take care of fixing things sooner or later.

I learned that just as there are extraordinary women like mom, there are also extraordinary men no cape like you Thank you Dad, for always being by my side to support me, for protecting me and teaching me that the first approval I must have is mine.

Thank you dad for pampering me, regardless of the passing of the years I will always be the apple of your eye. Thanks Dad for showing me that self-esteem is built from the inside and not by the approval of another man. Thank you for not allowing anyone to hurt me or treat me in a way that I did not deserve.

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Thanks dad for teaching me to do things “that were for men” and show me that I could also do them; like riding a bike, playing with whoever I want, driving a car and being responsible. Thank you for teaching me to become more practical and relaxed.

Despite the demands and scolding, you taught me to recognize the importance of meeting responsibilities. You taught me that I can be a princess and at the same time I can be self-sufficient. And for being the first to protect me when a lout approached.

Thanks Dad for showing that heroes do exist. Pexels

Thanks Dad for teaching me that good men do exist, that like everyone, you are not perfect but you always give your best, for your family. Thank you dad for taking care of me and for loving me since day 1 I was born. Thank you for protecting me despite also having your own fears and being brave for me.

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