Thanks for staying and hugging me on days when I can't stand myself

Thank you for staying and hugging me on days when I can’t stand myself. The reality is that we all have those bad days when we want to give up.

But today it’s time to thank that person who has always been there to support you, to tell you that you can do that and more. That special person you chose as a life partner.

If you couple encourages you to be better day by day, you certainly made the right choice, you need a love that inspires you and motivates you to be the best version of yourself. Although self-love is the most important thing, it is wonderful to have someone to accompany you in every dream fulfilled.

Today, thank that person who has seen you in your worst crisis and decided to stay by your side, because he knows that you have the potential to emerge victorious from every battle. A couple that listens to you and helps you put your thoughts in order is definitely worth it.

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Always remember that true love is not perfect, so instead of looking for a partner without defects, seeks to build the best version of yourself, learn to love through thick and thin.

Every day thank that person who is there for you when you cry, stress and despair, thank someone who listens to you and comforts you.

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