Bad Boys scene in which Will Smith and Martin Lawrence laugh while aboard a vehicle. Bad Boys is one of the best action movies on Netflix.

Netflix is ​​not just a great place to find high quality series like Mindhunter, Stranger things or The Paper House . The popular streaming service also has great movies – some underrated, others that have gone unnoticed. Nowhere is this statement more evident than in the action category, a genre based on explosions and heartbreaking exploits. If you are interested in discovering more, we are sure that you will be interested in this selection with the best action movies on Netflix, made from the catalog available in the United States.

One thing: if you live in another country, it is possible that not all the movies will be available in your Netflix library.

It will interest you

Bad boys

Bad Boys scene in which Will Smith and Martin Lawrence laugh while aboard a vehicle. Bad Boys is one of the best action movies on Netflix.

Bad boys He placed Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as two Miami narcotics detectives who don’t always do what the rules say. However, when during an investigation into a heroin dealer they discover that the department has been infiltrated, so they do everything to protect a key witness. The chemistry between Smith and Lawrence, plus explosiveness quota, doesn’t take the fun of the original too seriously, it helped launch a sequel and, almost 25 years later, the third movie. Bad Boys for Life, which premiered in January 2020.


Train to Busan

This South Korean zombie movie became an international hit and is one of the most thoughtful and provocative portrayals of what an undead outbreak could look like in a significantly populated area. The film follows a man with his daughters along with the other passengers on a high-speed train as they try to get to safety in the midst of a massive zombie outbreak.


Ant-Man and the Wasp

Advertising poster for Ant-Man and the Wasp, one of the best action movies on Netflix

All Marvel movies will move to Disney Plus in 2021, so unless you plan to get another subscription, you should take advantage of watching all the content from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) while it’s available on Netflix. We suggest you consider one of the most underrated superheroes: Ant-Man. This sequel finds Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) dealing with the challenges of balancing his life as a superhero and as a father. When an old rival to Dr. Hank Pym, Ant-Man’s mentor, starts a powerful and dangerous new technology, Lang has to put his suit back on and team up with Wasp, Pym’s daughter (Evangeline Lilly). Powered by Rudd’s charisma and chemistry with Lilly, the Ant-Man movies are some of the funniest and most charming in the MCU.


The Night Come for Us

Eriekn Juragan / Netflix

The Night Comes for Us (The night haunts us, in Spanish) by Timo Tjahhanto is a brutal martial arts thriller that moves at a furious pace. The film begins as a group of executors from the Southeast Asian triad massacring a village. Ito (Joe Taslim), one of the elite executors named Six Seas, forgive a girl named Queen and kill the rest of the Triad soldiers. Now fleeing with Reina in tow, Ito must fight an army of thugs and legendary assassins if he wants the two to survive.

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The Night Comes for Us it is a stylish thriller with skilful camera work and a throbbing soundtrack; but you should also know that quite violent. Most fight scenes leave the rooms covered in blood, and one of them combines an air conditioner and a piano cable.


Ip man

Scene from Ip Man, in which the protagonist in a battle suit confronts a rival who is bare-chested.

Based on the life of Ip Man, Bruce Lee’s great martial arts master and tutor, the 2008 production of the same name is one of the most successful martial arts films of the 21st century. It focuses on the events of Ip’s life, allegedly during the Sino-Japanese War when Japanese forces occupied sectors of China. When a Japanese general challenges Chinese men to duels to demonstrate Japanese superiority, Ip Man initially refuses until he discovers that the Japanese go beyond close combat. Starring Donnie Yen as Ip Man, it is a delight for fans of martial arts movies. The entire trilogy is on Netflix.


V for Vendetta

Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman star in this adaptation of Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s 1988 graphic novel. After a world war, Britain has become a police state ruled by fascists. His only true enemy is a vigilante known as V, who uses terrorist and guerilla tactics to fight against the oppressors of the world in which he now lives. After saving a young woman named Evey from the secret police, V finds an ally in her. This action-packed movie is made all the more engaging by V’s poetry about the virtues of revolution, all while horribly gutting enemies.


Red dawn

Scene from Red Dawn, one of the best Netflix action movies

In an alternate 1980s, the United States is losing the Cold War, and communism has become more powerful than ever. When Soviet soldiers invade a small Colorado town, the Jed brothers (Patrick Swayze) and Matt Eckert (Charlie Sheen) escape with some friends to the forest, while their father and many of the inhabitants are captured by the invading army. Instead of running, the children decide to launch an attack on the Soviets, allying with Lt. Col. Andrew Tanner (Powers Boothe) to oppose the invasion. This film was made at the height of the Cold War during a particularly patriotic period and, as a result, became a cult hit for an entire generation.



Snowpiercer scene, one of the best action movies on Netflix

Bong Joon-ho swept the 2020 Oscars with Parasitebut before that his most popular movie in America was Snowpiercer, 2013. Starring Chris Evans, Song Kang-ho, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, and John Hurt, Snowpiercer is a fascinating version of an apocalyptic Earth. The survivors of the planet’s second Ice Age live in a continuously running train through snow and ice. Like pre-Ice Age society, the train divides the classes, with the decadent and wealthy at the front, controlling the engine and the entire government, while the poorest and most marginalized live in a miserable van from the tail. When a revolution forms in the rear, it threatens to derail more than just the accommodating aristocracy. Snowpiercer it’s action packed and sharper than an average action movie.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

Scene from Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, one of the best action movies on Netflix

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse It is unlike any other superhero movie. On the one hand, he won the Oscar for Best Animated Film. On the other, it features an extremely well-known superhero (Peter Parker’s Spider-Man) and completely subverts decades of canon with an ingenious origin story not just for the new Spidey, Miles Morales, but also for other wacky Spider-Beings. Morales has been Spider-Man in the comics for some years, butInto the Spiderverse It is the first real attempt to introduce the general public to a whole new person who inherits a classic superhero cloak. Works. Into the Spiderverse it is deliciously ironic, mocking the original stories of false holiness.


Raiders of the Lost Ark

There have been several movies of Indiana Jones over the decades, but the former is still the best. Set in the 1930s, Raiders of the Lost Ark Follow Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), an archeology professor who sets out on an adventure, exploring ancient ruins and looting treasures in the name of science.

When he learns that the Nazis are searching for the legendary Ark of the Covenant, Jones and his former lover Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) head to Egypt to find the Ark first.

Raiders of the Lost Ark it’s a perfect throwback to classic adventure stories, featuring a charming and funny hero, infamous villains and spectacular cinematic pieces.


Green room

Green room, by Jeremy Saulnier, is a furious thriller: tense, violent and with a good rhythm for 95 minutes.

The film follows a punk band called The Ain’t Rights. It is composed by bassist Pat (Anton Yelchin), guitarist Sam (Alia Shawkat), singer Tiger (Callum Turner) and drummer Reece (Joe Cole), who, after playing a show in a neo-Nazi bar in Oregon, they come across a murder in the Green room o Green Room.

The neo-Nazis decide to cover up the crime, and for that they will need to kill the witnesses. However, the band The Ain’t Rights they do not go smoothly, arming themselves and proceeding to fight to leave the bar. Directed by excellent performances, including Patrick Stewart as the skinhead leader, Green room it is an excellent movie.

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Slow west

Slow West scene, one of the best action movies on Netflix

The first thing viewers can notice about Slow west John Maclean’s is how brilliant it is. That is, the greenery of the trees, the vast blue of the sky, everything appears in a very vivid color. Maclean has captured the natural beauty of the Old West, but this brilliant palette of colors does not mean that we are facing a happy movie. As Jay Cavendish (Kodi Smit-McPhee) rides his horse through a burning town, the film reminds viewers that this was a land where death was always lurking. Jay is looking for a young woman he loved in Scotland, who fled with her father to the United States after an unfortunate incident. After an encounter with some soldiers, Jay finds himself with the help of a bounty hunter, Silas Selleck (Michael Fassbender), who offers to be his bodyguard. However, Silas is not being entirely honest with the naive Jay, and as they venture west, their interests and those of a rival gang of bounty hunters conflict.


Scott Pilgrim vs. The world

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is one of the best Netflix action movies

When Scott (Michael Cera) falls in love with the new girl in town, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), he realizes that she is coming with some luggage. That baggage is (nothing more, nothing less) than seven ex-boyfriends, and with whom he must literally fight to death to win his heart. Like the graphic novel series on which it is based, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world it’s partly a video game, partly a love story, a clever combination that should fit well with anyone who grew up in the midst of the early 90s SNES craze. The flashy images, the deadpan dialogues, and the numerous bubbles of Speech only adds to the comic charm of the film.


Sin City

Sin City (2005) features a set of stars, from directors to the cast. Frank Miller, Robert Rodríguez, and Quentin Tarantino contribute to this stylized adaptation of Miller’s classic graphic novel about violent men and fatal women. Bruce Willis, Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke, Benicio del Toro, Elijah Wood and Jessica Alba contribute to slowly interweaving bullets that reveal a larger conspiracy. A strange mixture between not to go modern and the grindhouseSin City is an unusual and infinitely entertaining film for any action or mystery fanatic.


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