Say hello to summer by personalizing your mobile with these free downloadable wallpapers.

On June 20, summer officially arrived and we want to welcome you in a big way offering you a selection of the best summer themed wallpapers for your mobile. If you like this season and appreciate the moments of heat, beach / pool and the return of food like watermelon, it’s time to personalize your phone with images that are characteristic of the season.

Before showing you the selected photographs, we take this opportunity to remind you that you must have special care with the heat and the maximum temperature reached by your smartphone. Having this fundamental detail for the survival of your phone, we begin to welcome summer as it deserves, with the best wallpapers for you to adapt your phone to this season.

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We inaugurate the arrival of summer with the best wallpapers for your mobile of this season

The best free summer wallpapers for your mobile

Summer is not a season of the year that pleases all people, that is a reality, but there are many of us in love with this season characterized by sea ​​and pool water, refreshing food and drinks, outdoor gatherings and, of course, vacations.

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If you are one of us and want to welcome summer as it deserves, we propose personalize your mobile phone with characteristic images of the summer season. You can remember the relaxing baths in the sea, the tranquility of the waves of the palm trees or how good it feels to eat watermelon to cool off.

In those moments we have been inspired when looking for the best wallpapers of the summer for your mobile. In the following gallery we show you our selection, in which, as you can see, the light blue color is a clear trend. Select the one you like the most, download it and put it as the background of the home screen, lock screen or both.

Once you have personalized your mobile according to the season in which we are already immersed, we take this opportunity to remind you that do not believe everything you see on Instagram during these three months, since the social networks in summer are pure posture. Of course, do not leave aside the protection of your phone, it can suffer the consequences of high temperatures if you don’t take care of it.

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