We often forget what tools that they can become widgets for Android. This function, which has been present in the operating system since version 0.9, continues to be one of the most convenient utilities that can be used when customizing the home screen of our devices years later.

But not all widgets are equally useful. In fact, just take a walk through the customization section of the Google Play Store to find dozens of questionable appearance and usefulness widgets, which are probably not going to add much value to the experience with your mobile. Others, on the other hand, they can become totally essential from minute one. In this list, we select some of our favorite widgets that you can totally download free.


Widget Hurry for Android

Hurry, one of the most useful widgets for your Android

Years later, Hurry is still one of our favorite widgets for Android. The premise is simple: this app works as a calendar of important events, which we can add manually or automatically based on appointments in our calendar. In this way, we will see a list with events, and the time until arrival.

Your widget is designed with great care, just like the app, and it is possible customize each event with images, colors or even GIFs, so that each event is totally unique.

Google Play | Hurry

Calendar Widget Lite

Home Agenda for Android

Home Agenda, one of the best calendar widgets

At the time we already chose it as one of the best applications for Android, and today it is still one of our favorites. Calendar Widget Lite by Home Agenda It is a totally free calendar widget, that although it lacks some of the features of the full version, it includes most of the features that any user could need from a calendar. It has a simple interface, and it is possible to customize the widget based on the color of the events themselves.

Google Play | Calendar Widget Lite


Android widgets

Probably the most popular Google Play calendar widget

Another widget that could not miss was Month. It is one of the most popular calendars that exist in the Google Play Store, very simple but with great potential for customization thanks to the topics included.

Google Play | Month

Battery Widget Reborn

The best free widgets for Android
The best free widgets for Android
The best free widgets for Android

If you are one of those who has exhaustive control over the autonomy of your device, you will probably like it Battery Widget Reborn. It is a classic on Android, which allows you to show the remaining battery level in a circular widget, which once clicked directs us to some detailed statistics on battery status. The only difference from the version Pro, is that the latter does not contain ads.

Google Play | Battery Widget Reborn


The best free widgets for Android
The best free widgets for Android
The best free widgets for Android

Another widget worth saving a gap on our home screen is Stuff. It is an application of simple tasks, which allows you to add plans or mark them as completed directly from the home screen. It is not as complete as apps at the TickTick level, but it can certainly be most useful for all those who need to view and create tasks or reminders in an extremely fast and simple way.

Google Play | Stuff

Volume Control

Volume COntrol

Volume controls on your home screen thanks to this widget

Have them volume controls of our device on the home screen can be much more useful than you imagine. In this way, you can control the level of each type of volume accurately without accessing the system settings. For it, Volume Control is a fantastic free application that allows you to create widgets with which to control the audio of the device from the launcher.

Google Play | Volume Control

Action Blocks

Google Action Blocks

Google Action Blocks allows you to create the most useful widgets

You may not know it, but Google It has one of the most useful widget apps that you can use on your mobile. This is Action Blocks, a tool focused on people with difficulties when using their devices, but which can be convenient for any type of user.

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With it, it is possible create widgets that replace voice commands from Google Assistant, so its possibilities are almost endless. For example, you can create widgets that act as switches to turn the gadgets in your connected home on or off. A pity that the appearance of these widgets not at the level of other alternatives.

Google Play | Action Blocks


Overdrop widgets

This is how some of the Widgets included in Overdrop Weather look like

With Weather Timeline gone, and Dark Sky about to say goodbye after its purchase by Apple, there are many who are looking for a good weather app, with quality widgets. And we may have found it.

Is about Overdrop, an app of the time that, not only has one of the best designs we have seen so far in an app of its category, but also contains a fantastic collection of widgets, some of them included with the free version of the application.

Google Play | Overdrop Weather

Another Widget

Google Pixel widget

The Google Pixel widget is included on any mobile with the Google app

Although the Google search engine app included in the vast majority of Android mobiles already includes the widget Take a look classic of the Google Pixel, it is possible to find much more customizable alternatives like Another Widget.

Google Play | Another Widget


The best free widgets for Android
The best free widgets for Android

Keep track of series and movies you’ve seen throughout your life it is much easier with SeriesGuide. In addition, the application has a useful widget where you can see when the next episodes premiere of your favorite series.

Google Play | SeriesGuide

CPU Monitor

CPU Monitor Widget

CPU Monitor Widget has one of the best designs seen in an app of its category

Not everyone needs know what frequency the processor is running at each moment, the amount of available memory, or the battery temperature. But for those who do need it, CPU Monitor is a useful application that allows you to view all of this data from the home screen.

CPU Monitor

Google Keep

Google Keep on Android and other productivity apps

Keep is a useful notes and reminders app with a simple interface

Who doesn’t know Google Keep at this stage? The Google Notes, Reminders, and Tasks app It is still one of the most used in its category, and has a useful widget that allows you to view our saved notes quickly.

Google Play | Keep


TickTick App

Create synchronized tasks and reminders between your devices with TickTick

And if you are looking for one good alternative to Google Keep, I fear that TickTick it is the best option you can find. The app offers the possibility of create notes and reminders that will be synchronized between all our devices with the installed app. Of course, it includes a very practical widget.

Google Play | TickTick


Spotify widget on Android

Spotify widget for Android

Although at the time the company decided to temporarily withdraw it for some reason, finally the Spotify widget returned to allow us to control our favorite music and podcasts from the home screen.

Google Play | Spotify


Musicolet widgets

These are the widgets included in Musicolet

But, in case you do not use Spotify and instead you are one of those who prefers to have all your favorite music stored on your mobile, you can use the widget of any of the best music players available on Android. One of the most practical widgets in this category, due to its versatility and ease of use, is without a doubt the Musicolet.

Google Play | Musicolet

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