A person plays on his iPhone

Although gaming phones continue to gain strength, if you are an iPhone user you have nothing to envy to those powerful devices. With more than a million applications available on the Apple App Store, finding the best iPhone games is not always an easy task.

For the same reason, we have taken on the challenge of classifying the alternatives of the AppStore to offer you some of the best games for iPhone. Whether you’re looking for a puzzle or something more epic, check out our list of the best options you’ll find for your iOS device.

A person plays on his iPhone

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However, finding the best games is not always an easy task. Also, not all available games are worth it. Our selection has old and new titles and for all kinds of tastes. And if instead of an iPhone, you have an Android phone, then you can read our guide to the best games for Android phones.

War Tortoise 2

War Tortoise 2 it is a kind of challenge to discover their gender. It is presented as a shooting game, but it is not entirely correct. Riding your war turtle, shoot down the approaching baddies, earn money and followers as you defeat them. With a miniature army in the trailer, you walk slowly toward the next area, avoiding attacks. It’s easy to control: just drag your finger to move the sights and the pilot will fire automatically. Upgrade your turtle’s weaponry and armor, add to your army and upgrade its skills, and keep moving forward. It also has some nice graphic touches, like drops that hit the screen in the rain. A fun little waste of time.


If Found… ($ 5)

Another game for those who like stories is If Found… focuses on the diary of the protagonist Kasio. It tells the story of his return to the west of Ireland, his conflict with friends and family, and the challenges he faces, but it all leads to a fateful night, where a black hole is established for the world. Can Kasio prevent the black hole from eradicating everything it appreciates? Stunning hand-drawn art and some narratives that are really emotional means this game is a great way to spend a quiet afternoon.


Snipers Vs Thieves: Zombies!

From creators of Snipers Vs ThievesThis sequel takes the simple formula from the last game and adds … zombies. But this time, they are not hungry for brains, but for money. In any case, history is not the reason to play it. You must protect your money from the hordes of zombies, taking them out with perfectly placed shots and use the money to improve your weaponry. Controls are simple: just drag the cross over a zombie and hold it until the shot meter fills up. The app has purchases, as you’d expect, but it’s fun enough to play without paying.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The latest Animal Crossing game has lit the internet. But did you know that you don’t need a Nintendo Switch to enter the magic? Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp it’s a great way to get Animal Crossing directly in your pocket. Set up your camp, designing it however you like, collecting items for daily tasks and events. Do you want a theme park, a music festival or an amazing site for glamping? You can do it in the most beautiful environment possible. As a mobile game, there are many microtransactions available, so we do not recommend it if you do not know how to control your expenses. But if it is not a problem, it is a great way to pass the time.


Angry Birds 2

If you don’t know what it is angry Birds, where have you been? It is one of the most legendary mobile franchises. The sequel to the hit movie-derived game, Angry Birds 2, takes you back to the war between birds and pigs, where you can only win by throwing birds. However, there have been a few changes to the original formula, and now you can choose the bird you use, take levels in various stages, and impress the Mighty Eagle to earn coins. While it sounds like a lot, trust us when we say this is one of the best experiences.


Scrabble go

Board games have been around for a long time and Scrabble has been one of the best. In this game you use your letters to place words on the board. The longer ones add more points and the rarer letters are worth more than the common ones. It is a simple premise. The game is not played live and it is common for games to be resolved in hours or days. Each player plays his turn, waits for his opponent to do so before placing his counter. However, you can play multiple games at the same time, so rare is boring. You can also link to Facebook to play with your friends.

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Disney Sorceror’s Arena

a video game disney image

The turn-based fighter has seen a great revival in recent years, and Disney is the last to create his own card collection version. Fortunately, it’s pretty good. If you’ve played one of these games before, then you know what to expect.

Simply put, you must collect cards to unlock new Disney characters and use them to fight human opponents and artificial intelligence to unlock more. Battles take place in a turn-based environment, and much of the strategy comes from choosing when to use each character’s special abilities.


Homicide Squad: New York Cases

an image of homicide squad iphone game

Hidden object games are a pleasure for many, and should not be, because they are actually a lot of fun. In this game, you take control of a pair of mocking detectives as they solve crimes and do justice in New York City. Examine the murder scenes and find and collect your evidence. You have limited energy to play, which you also have to pay to recharge, making it a casual game for all but those with deep pockets.

Still, it’s a fun hidden object game if you enjoy them, and it’s worth a try if you’re not familiar with the genre.


Baseball Boy!

Hit the baseball as hard as you can with your bat, and see how far it flies. Thats it Baseball Boy! But in addition to its simplicity, it is important to know that each hit you give the ball will give you gold, which you can then use to improve your strength, the bounce of the ball and other attributes.


Retro Highway

Retro Highway is one of the best games for iPhone

Do you miss the old racing games like Super hang-on? maybe Retro Highway It will help you take away that desire. It has a nostalgic style pixel-art It emulates the feel of classic racing games, but on a modern phone. It has a variety of challenges and markers to compete with friends or with the rest of the world. You can collect over 10 types of motorcycles and customize them with power-ups. Racing will take you around the world, including to a futuristic moon base. All you need is an amazing soundtrack and you’re ready to ride.


Undead Horde ($ 6 dollars)

Undead Horde is one of the best games for iPhone

Sometimes it’s fun to be the bad guy. Undead Horde It is exactly that: a horde of undead raised and led by you! It is a combination of action role-playing games, strategy and hack-and-slash As you raise your army and send it against the living and their leader, King Paladin Benevictor. Earn loot to upgrade yourself and your army, fight a wide range of enemies, from humans to scorpions, and revive them to continue building your horde.



Fortnite is one of the best games for iPhone

The world’s biggest game returns to this list, simply because we can’t give up. Fortnite, the third-person shooter with base building elements, has been a favorite of ours thanks to fast pacing, intuitive combat, and fun graphics. It is free, but if you want any items, you will have to pay for them. Are you new to the phenomenon of Fortnite? Where have you been? Start with our range of guides Fortnite, And maybe you can be the next winner!


P.3 ($ 2 dollars)

Vertical shooting games are part of the story, but they are far from outdated. The old school shooting genre can still be a real challenge. If you crave it, P.3 it’s a great way to relive it. Emulates the look of a classic shooting game, including a CRT TV overlay and cool graphics pixel art. However, we wish it was a little more colorful and with only five stages, you may run out of game pretty quickly. But for the price of two arcade games, this is a good deal.


Gods of Boom

Gods of Boom is one of the best games for iPhone

Do you love first person shooters? Gods of Boom is the strange but funny multiplayer shooting game. Take part in multiplayer battles on a variety of maps, created in 3D on your iOS device. Like all good games of this type, it has a system to update and customize your character. Regular updates allow you to always find something new to do. The latest update has recreated the world of The walking dead within Gods of Boom, and includes many player challenges against environment or PvE inside the zombie apocalypse.

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Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is one of the best games for iPhone

Do you love to run? Asphalt 9: Legends lets you take a spin on a collection of over 60 cars without leaving the comfort of your small screen. It’s a simpler version of the classic racing game, but it’s no less compelling and fun. Take different routes through each race and move around the corners, increasing your speed meter. Win races, money and expand and upgrade your garage of amazing speed machines.


Stardew Valley ($ 8 dollars)

Stardew Valley is one of the best iPhone games

Take life slower with the successful farming simulator Stardew valley. Based on the hit Harvest Moon game series, Stardew valley it leaves you with a plot of land and it is up to you to create a farm with seasonal crops, care for the livestock and look for rare ingredients. But there is more than just cultivating. Going to the nearby city of Pelican gives you a number of characters to meet, win, and even get married. A wonderful and relaxing game in which it is very easy to lose many hours.


Clash Royale

Multiplayer arena fighters are gaining strength and Clash Royale it is one of the best examples. It’s as addicting as it is fun, and its three-minute action bursts mean it’s firmly at the top of our list. Take on opponents with your cards representing magic spells and minions, aiming to knock down towers and castles. It is deeper than it seems, with each spell and minion standing out and being weak. Collect more cards as you play and fight other players to earn gold. It’s free, but with paid elements, including offers to buy certain cards.


Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best games for iPhone

It’s not every day that you come across a legendary series of iPhone shots, but here it is Call of Duty: Mobile. Basically it’s just about multiplayer mode, but with everything you expect. Take on the opposing team in brutal first-person shootouts in iconic multiplayer maps from previous games from Call of duty. Unlock weapons, charges, and outfits, and use them to take down even more enemies. It’s surprisingly easy to get in, and the mobile controls are more intuitive than a console or PC veteran might expect. The game is free, but there are microtransactions on the way.


Civilization VI ($ 10)

Screenshot of Civilization VI, one of the best iPhone games

Although $ 10 may seem like a lot to you for an iOS game, it’s worth paying for a chance to enjoy a game title. Civilization on mobile devices. It is played in the same way as Civilization VI on a computer, with a few small changes to accommodate the touchscreen controls. If you are not familiar with the franchise, the premise is simple: lead your people to victory, making them dominators through its scientific brilliance, cultural glory, or old military power. The first 60 shifts are free, although later the paid version is activated.


Empire Tycoon Hotel

We always have time for those games where you don’t need to do much to advance. Empire Tycoon Hotel It is, as its name implies, a game about managing your own hotel chain. Build your hotel, add exquisite furniture and hire pool lifeguards, making your guests happy by meeting all their needs. It is informal and easy to handle, but you have plenty to entertain yourself and build your hotel until the wee hours of the morning.


Brutal Hockey

Do you like hockey? Although this title is not exactly a faithful representation of your sport, it is still a lot of fun. The only rule is to score and to do so you must defeat your opponent by any means. It is fast paced and with artificial intelligence that adapts to your game. There is a leaderboard, power-ups, and five divisions.


The Elder Scrolls: Blades

It is not Skyrim, but if you want an Elder Scrolls experience on mobile devices, The Elder Scrolls: Blades It is a great alternative. However, Blades is a lot of fun if you’re looking for a dungeon tracker that looks amazing. Some of the fun is hampered by aggressive microtransactions and waiting for the chests to open. If you can live with it, the gorgeous images, world design, and combat are worth it.

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Draw it

Going back to traditional drawing games, Draw it challenges you to draw as many objects as possible within an allotted time. Draw fast to win, and you’ll get coins and unlock new word packs. It is simple, but entertaining. If you’re really interested, you can subscribe and receive VIP word packs, free daily coins, and the ability to remove ads. However, at $ 15 a month, that subscription is extremely expensive.


Stickman hook

It is a simple but attractive game. Tap to get hooked to the points, avoiding obstacles and reaching the end of the route. The game relies heavily on Spiderman skills, which doesn’t detract from the fun. Advanced levels increase the swing speed, increasing the difficulty and keeping your attention. As you play, you unlock new characters, including a lemon and a cheeseburger. It’s worth downloading if you have a few free minutes.


Minecraft earth

What would be better than Minecraft on your phone? That it exists in real life, of course. The gaming monolith has expanded to augmented reality with Minecraft earth, giving you the ability to play in AR. Table mode allows you to build and plan amazing creations, and then blow them up to real size. Others can also join, to help you build something really amazing, while new unique mobs like the muddy pig and the moobloom they will visit you. A real treat for Minecraft fans.


Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is a new game from the creators of Journey and Flower. It is a social adventure with some moving elements. As a child of light, you must travel through a kingdom to return the fallen stars to their constellations. Along the way, you’ll explore seven beautiful kingdoms and meet other players, who you can team up with to venture into more challenging areas. A beautiful soundtrack unites everything. It’s so good that Apple named it the best iOS game of 2019. It’s free, but you have the ability to pay for new outfits, adventures, and more.


Candy Crush Saga

If you don’t know what Candy Crush is, well, you’ve led a lovely life. The King franchise is a mobile gaming legend, and has dominated the most-played charts for years. Candy Crush Saga It is the latest and greatest of the massive franchises. A big part of the reason is because it is simply a very fun game to play. While the later stages may start to increase the difficulty – to extract money from you for additional lives – if you resist the urge to splurge, there’s still a good gameplay here. It is a fantastic game to play whenever you have a free moment.


Aion: Legions of War

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games are no longer restricted to PC and consoles. Aion: Legions of War it is proof that a mobile MMORPG can be expansive, fun and highly playable. Choose from a variety of heroes with a large selection of weapons and abilities to defeat other players and NPCs as you travel through the war-torn universe of Aion. There’s even a mobile-exclusive original story to rampage. It’s free, but you can buy gems and packs for real money. Also note that this is not a casual game, and there is plenty of content to discover here.


Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Halloween may be over now, but our appetite for the creepy hasn’t gone anywhere. Although it is not the scariest game, Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is a great download for horror fans of all tastes. Playing as several different versions of Jason, the game is a sliding puzzle that seems simple, but can turn devilishly deviant later on. Cartoonish violence refers to the original bloody films, but you can tone them down if you’re not a fan.



Compared by some to Stranger things, Oxenfree is a prodigious adventure that is about a group of teenagers who accidentally open a ghostly crack. Based on teen horror movies from the 1980s – and using a pop synth soundtrack at its best – Oxenfree is the game to download if you’re done. Stranger things and you want more of that ’80s vibe. The key aspect here is the choice: each one you take will change the way the game’s narrative unfolds, altering the course of your lives.


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