The best games for PS4: the most complete list

The PlayStation 4 is one of the favorite consoles on the market, largely thanks to having one of the most robust libraries on the market. Starting for the safety pin Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and going through alternatives like Bloodborne, Fortnite and MLB The Show 20, We select the best games for PS4 that you can enjoy while we wait for the arrival of the PlayStation 5 and all its titles.

Game types


Nioh 2

Nioh 2 Koei Tecmo is one of the most difficult games in the genre, in the style of Souls, which is already famous for its complex challenges. However, Nioh 2 It gives you a ridiculous number of options, such as an incredible number of weapon types: swords, double swords, axes or razors, among others, as well as the expansion of skills to help you defeat the yokai demon of feudal Japan. Follow the same trial and error formula of Souls, with players returning to a shrine upon death and spending money to level up, but it sheds the spirit of other players. Depending on the spirit, they can help you with difficult areas, such as facing a duel to the death with valuable online teams.

Nioh 2 it’s a more awkward game than its predecessor and most action RPG titles, keeping things going between brutally challenging moments. An important supporting character uses a monkey spirit as his ally and occasionally imitates his dance, and a goat spirit speaks English, but with a goat voice. Given the stressfulness of the game, these characters are appreciated.


PlayStation players have been unable to play the latest great title from Remedy Entertainment, Quantum Break, but they have been given something much better: Control. The third person shooter game is based on a mix of Quantum Break (traditional shootings) and superhuman powers, but it takes away most of the accessory and it takes place in a much more interesting environment for you: as a holder in the Federal Office of Control.

As new director Jesse Faden, it will be your job to uncover the mystery surrounding your brother’s disappearance and defeat the strange “Hiss” enemies you meet. This is easier said than done, but with the right skills and knowledge of that special shape-shifting Service Weapon, you can save the world.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

best games for ps4

Dark Souls formula got a good dose of speed and horror when it launched Bloodborne in 2015, and From Software has managed to make things even more extreme in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Located in Japan of the Sengoku era, the game is full of magic and monsters ready and willing to kill you at any time. No enemy is too weak to overlook, and many are formidable in one-on-one fights.

The true consistency of SekiroHowever, they are boss fights. They unfold like choreographed dances, and require you to learn every move from a boss before you’re ready for the kill. With a “Stance” system that becomes more important in most fights, you must stay aggressive, although being too greedy can lead to quick death.

Devil May Cry 5

best games for ps4

Devil May Cry 5 It is a sequel to a game released over a decade ago, but you wouldn’t know it just by playing it. The eye-catching combat comes to life with the power of the impressive RE Engine (also used to Resident Evil 2) and with three protagonists using very different combat styles, you will never do the same thing twice in Devil May Cry 5.

Nero and Dante make their return along with the mysterious “V”, who uses demons to fight for him. Regardless of who you’re controlling, Devil May Cry 5 It will give you an adrenaline rush, with lots of humor and funny weapons that should leave fans happy for a long time.

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Bloodborne it is not for the faint of heart. This action adventure is a spiritual successor to the series Dark Souls Hidetaka Miyazaki with challenging combat, but speeding up the gameplay for a more frantic and tense experience.

A dark gothic setting and Lovecraftian history provide a grim backdrop. As a hunter, you will walk through the city of Yharnam, where a strange curse has begun to turn the locals into meaningless beasts.

Although technically not a horror game, the setting for Bloodborne and the combat it offers are especially terrifying.

Therefore, you must always be on alert, because the world of Bloodborne it is full of monsters and unforgiving traps in every corner. Without a doubt, it is one of the best games for the PS4 to date.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

From the mind of designer Hideo Kojima comes the game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the fifth (and possibly last) installment in this series.

The exaggerated tone of the series is already known, but this installment offers a much starker narrative that follows Venom Snake (Big Boss) and shows how he works to reestablish his mercenary army in his war against the shadowy Cipher.

It is one of the best PS4 games available right now and has earned near-universal acclaim thanks to its engineered gameplay, which allows players to complete missions in virtually limitless ways.

Keifer Sutherland lends his voice to Big Boss, in what could be the all-time action game.

Grand Theft Auto V

Don’t confuse the PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V —This extraordinary open-world work by Rockstar — with a mere rhetoric of cash recovery. The new-generation version of the game is still impressive, even if the story and settings are identical. Rockstar’s exclusive additions – such as its first-person mode – allow the title to stand out from the crowd, reinforcing the game even more than updated images and increasing thefts. The relaunch also allows for larger online matches, adds a number of songs to the game’s radio stations, and even allows PlayStation 3 players to upload their previous characters. Combine all of this with some of the best writing and voice work of any video game to date, and you’ll have an unforgettable cocktail.

Nier: Automata

Director Yoko Taro’s games have always been delightfully bizarre, but his playability He has never been able to reach the heights that stories tell. For Nier: Automata, the sequel to Nier 2010, Taro partnered with PlatinumGames to create a game with sleek action, tight gunfights, and smart perspective shifts. For the first time, Taro has delivered a game that is as engaging to play as it is to watch, and which also features one of the best narratives and endings in all of the games. It takes three “plays” to cover the whole story, but the time invested will be worth it by the time the credits end.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 It is the result of decades of development experience, offering one of the strongest stories we’ve seen from the studio, despite the fact that it is often limited to characters we already know from the original game. Throughout its long and slow history, we are shown the anguish and pain that came at the end of the Wild West era, and the brusque but polite personality of the protagonist Arthur Morgan, makes him the perfect star during this transition.

Exploring the open world almost always results in finding something you haven’t seen before, be it a new species of animal to hunt or a strange murder scene to investigate. Getting lost in the Wild West is easy, but we never want to leave.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Respawn Entertainment is known for first person shooter games like Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends, so we weren’t sure what to expect when the studio announced it was doing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a Star Wars action game focused on a Jedi and third person. The end result is pretty good, combining elements from other contemporary action-adventure games while injecting enough Star Wars magic. Set after Order 66 which destroyed most Jedi, Fallen Order It stars an ex-Padawan who must run to protect a powerful object that contains important information valued by both the Rebels and the Empire. The game is packed with all the Force powers and acrobatic moves one would expect from a Jedi.

God of war

The three original God of War games, as well as the prequel God of War: AscensionThey are violent, exaggerated, and often somewhat ridiculous games that focus on the antihero Kratos and his fight against the gods and monsters of Greek mythology. After so many playing, the formula had become obsolete, so developer Sony Santa Monica returned to the design table to give it a nice 2018 reboot / sequel, which he simply titled it. God of war. The result? A much more solid and intimate adventure, which breaks the previous character of Kratos and makes him a more identifiable hero. The bouts have also been drastically altered, focusing more on strategy than blind button mapping.

Surprisingly, the game avoids the linear structure of previous games in pursuit of a more open style, “Metroidvania” style, popular in action and role-playing games of this generation

Uncharted (series)

Naughty Dog is one of the most talented video game studios on the planet, and the developer certainly proved it with the series. Uncharted. After the adventures of treasure hunter Nathan Drake in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the riffs of the series follow the Indiana Jones format, yes, with a good dose of sarcasm and adrenaline, all to make it look like you’re playing in a movie.

Over the course of the four main games, Drake and his partner Sully travel the world in search of treasures, finding themselves involved in countless problems along the way. This includes a host of gunfights and escape sequences, often delivering a show we rarely see in other video games. If you want to try the online game, the competitive multiplayer mode of Uncharted 4 it is surprisingly attractive.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man

Swinging from skyscraper to skyscraper through great New York City is one of the things that look incredibly good in Marvel’s Spiderman. Although the main story has an estimated duration of 20 hours, players can see and do many things. From unlocking really cool Spidey outfits and gadgets, to taking out the camera and capturing some of the best sights in town.

The truth is it really hard not to feel like the real Spider-Man when playing this game.

Critics have even gone as far as to say that it is the best superhero video game of its time (surpassing that of Batman: Arkham Asylum).


Mortal Kombat 11

Famous in the 90s for its violent gambling and ridiculously bloody Fatalities, the series Mortal Kombat it did not continue for more than 25 years due to the value of the impact. NetherRealm Studios made the combat franchise one of the best on the planet by introducing more complex combat mechanics and cinematic history, and Mortal Kombat 11 builds on that success with more space-focused combat, with the addition of new fatal strikes. Mortal Kombat 11 it’s also one of the most customizable fighting games we’ve ever played. And the movements can also be exchanged for others to create your ideal fighter. You can also explore the sprawling Krypt to unlock even better rewards.

Horror and survival

Resident Evil 2

The typical remake of this video game improves resolution and updates some control problems for a new generation of players, but the truth is that Capcom took things much further with Resident Evil 2 2019 as it tells the same basic story from the 1998 game, but with completely redesigned characters, new battles, and conversations, it looks like he used the original game as a framework for a modern version of horror survival.

Every hideous creature is brought to terrifying life on the PlayStation 4, and shines even brighter in the PS4 Pro system update. With some of the best audio designs in between, you can also hear the screams and movements of all the grotesque monsters. Which is very useful, especially when trying to avoid the terrifying Tyrant.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 Remake

Just one year after the launch of Resident Evil 2Capcom captivated fans of the series again with Resident Evil 3 Remake. This iteration takes place around the same time as the story of Leon and Claire in the previous game, but with Jill Valentine returning as the main character of the resident Evil original.

The same elements of survival and terror are present as players have to contend with limited resources and terrifying creatures lurking around the superbly rendered streets of Raccoon City. That doesn’t even take into account the relentless and dreadful Nemesis, which stalks you with serious firepower. With a little more action in the mix and an asymmetric multiplayer, you can’t go wrong with this fabulous remake.

First Person Shooter

Borderlands 3

Borderlands Changed the way open-world first-person shooters are conceived with its emphasis on looting, character leveling, and skill customization to suit your playstyle. The following titles were based on a much more interesting series of missions and a more entertaining story, and for Borderlands 3Gearbox has become even bigger. For the first time in the main series, you can venture off planet Pandora and explore what the magnificent universe of the game has to offer. And there are over a billion possible weapons you can collect on your journey!

Borderlands 3 He wisely maintains the focus of the game, and when you play cooperatively with a friend, you can enjoy the whole experience together. With a level sync system, you can also play with people regardless of how far each individual is.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is one of the best PS4 games

Doom Eternal is one of the first person shooter games of all time, with the famous Doom Slayer moving between demons and cutting them like a professional ice dancer who got lost in Hell. By abandoning the 2016 space station setup and developing an eclectic mix of environments that includes Earth, other planets, and Hell itself, Doom Eternal it’s like a return to victory for the id Software developer. Although he had little to demonstrate after surprising the players with DoomHe propelled the action into overdrive with new weapons, more types of demons, and more difficult fights. Fortunately, at each level you can find additional life power that makes it easier to keep fighting if things get too difficult.

Doom Eternal it places a surprising emphasis on its history in a franchise that has never been lost in detail. The Doom Slayer myth becomes more interesting when we learn snippets of his past, while the new villains are among the most fearsome and intimidating in the series.


For a time, it seemed like Blizzard could never make a new game outside of its top three franchises, Warcraft, Starcraft and Devil. Until it came Overwatch. Defined as a goal-based multiplayer game with a focus on diverse character design, Overwatch is not just a new Blizzard franchise, but an opportunity for the entire genre. Set in a world where the international superhero team once stopped the robot revolution, the game offers over 20 unique characters to choose from, each with their own set of skills. Clearly, one of the most attractive games of this generation.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

After Call of Duty: Ghosts and the mess that was Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, developer Infinity Ward returned to the series that made him legendary: Modern warfare. On restart Call of Duty: Modern Warfare From 2019, the publisher demonstrated that this classic could be rethought for the current generation, telling a whole new story that includes some familiar faces alongside new characters.

It feels remarkably different from its predecessors, but with enough familiarity to trigger nostalgia. Multiplayer mode works similarly, adding new modes, like Gunfight and Ground war, in addition to the classics, all with a progression system that does not waste your time. With the recently launched Warzone, Modern warfare it’s even better than ever with the mode Battle royale in the mix.

Free games

Apex Legends

Instead of developing a full sequel to Titanfall 2, Respawn Entertainment developed the battle game titled Apex Legends. Located in the same universe as Titanfall games, this game It retains the ability of Respawn for its excellent first person shooter action, and the special abilities of the different classes offer a good variety of options for bored players of the same battle royale games as ever.

Respawn also deftly added his own twists to the battle royale formula by introducing a “respawning”: with his name, how could he not? If he dies, a player’s flag can be picked up by a teammate, who can bring him back to life in a special spawn terminal. There are also special redistribution devices you can use to launch yourself back into the air like you would at the start of a game, and the ping system makes it incredibly easy to communicate with teammates who don’t wear headphones.



Fortnite from Epic Games, and more specifically its free version Fortnite: Battle royale, needs little introduction. The game has become a global phenomenon, with its dances and mechanics making its way into almost every facet of pop culture, as well as its addictive battle game. royale, which keeps players glued to their screens for hours. Based on the formula established in games like The Culling and Battlegrounds from PlayerUnknown, Fortnite Add buildable structures to the mix, giving you the opportunity to create cover and ambush opportunities no matter where you are on the map. With regular updates that add more weapons and vehicles, as well as story content, you’ll always come across something in-game that you haven’t seen before.



As one of the first games released on PlayStation 4, Warframe offers the routine and cooperative action of a game like Destiny 2 without making his players spend a penny, and he has continued to improve over the years in something that many of his followers consider his main “hobby”. With its melee or ranged combat and advanced parkour capabilities, you can play in the way that best suits your unique style.

While the game is easy in the beginning, it quickly gets complex as you go, and eventually evolves into something of a third-person action RPG. By cleverly combining your weapons with other abilities, you must maximize your firepower until victory.


Sandbox / Building


Dreams is one of the best games for PS4

Dreams It could be the only game in your collection for PS4 and you would never get bored. A central part of the game is the authoring tool, designed for anyone to create their own video games, with user interfaces, voices, and anything else. It is also not limited by gender, since the Dreams They are robust enough to power first-person shooters, RPGs, and platforms. The only limit is the imagination.

Players have already created their own versions of classic franchises like Mario and Metal gear, and have even tried to recreate the canceled one from scratch Silent Hills. The most surprising thing about Dreams is how creative can be the gamers.


Many publishers use “sandbox” as a general term for large, open world games, but few deserve this term more than Minecraft. Its premise is as simple as it is attractive: you are thrown into a procedurally generated world and you must survive in any way possible. This includes venturing deep into the planet to mine new resources, take on explosive “vines”, and build shelters to protect yourself from enemies, all in hopes of eating their brains every time the sun goes down. If survival mode isn’t for you, a creative option is also available that will give you access to all of the game’s resources and tools to build your dream home. If you want to include a friend in the mix, there is a multiplayer option, and tons of features available to give your world the perfect look.

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Stardew valley

Who would have imagined that a cultivation simulator could be so successful? After developer Eric Barone was frustrated with the status of the long-running series Harvest Moon, was in charge of creating the video game that he really wanted to play. The result was Stardew valley, a delightful love letter to the 16-bit era with a delightful cast of characters to meet, activities to complete, and dangerous areas to explore. You can turn your land into the farm you’ve always wanted, and there are plenty of options to turn all of this into a home.


Dragon Quest Builders

Square Enix combined the adventure and danger of a Japanese RPG with the creative freedom of the sandbox genre to create the spin-off unique of Dragon Quest Builders, being more successful than would have been expected. This blocky world is somewhat similar to Minecraft, although you will encounter a variety of dangerous enemies who will try to prevent you from rebuilding the world at all costs. You can create almost anything you want in your mission to save the land of Alefgard, including huge fortresses armed with powerful cannons. Of course, if you just want to hang out and create silly structures that don’t have a functional purpose, it’s also a totally valid option.


No Man’s Sky

The development of No Man’s Sky It was a marathon, not a sprint. The incredibly ambitious space exploration game was made by a small team at UK-based Hello Games, and caught the attention of gamers. With billions of planets to explore – each with unique flora and fauna to discover – the experiences of two players will never be the same. Its release in 2016 was complicated, but the game continued to improve over time, culminating in the July 2018 “NEXT” update, which expanded the build features and finally added a multiplayer option so that participants could lose themselves in a mysterious planet with a friend.



The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga

Although we have seen video games that pay tribute to pixel art and even to the animation of the 1930s, the artistic style of The Banner Saga evokes the classic cartoons of the ’70s, feeling elegant and picturesque, unlike any other title. The original version of The Banner Saga you have 25 characters to choose from and a focus permadeathThat is, that all your actions will have consequences.

For the sequel, some of the choices you made in the original game are imported, allowing you to effectively continue your journey. The Banner Saga 3 does the same. Depending on how you got involved in the previous games, your ending could be totally different. With all three titles now available, there has never been a better time to start from scratch.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Konami seems more than willing to leave the Castlevania series behind, only releasing older games on current-generation consoles, and supporting Netflix’s animated adaptation. However, lifelong producer Koji Igarashi knew that fans were interested in a new open-ended action game, and he directed the creation of the spiritual successor. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Like a Castlevania game in everything – except in name -, Bloodstained It features expanding levels full of traps and enemies, upgradeable characters, different weapon times, and plenty of bosses to defeat. It also gives you various magical abilities that can be used in combat, such as a summoned tentacle, and retains the hallmarks of Castlevania games.

Dead Cells

Are you looking for a platform game that is difficult to handle and that also rewards you for every little hit? Then you have to play Dead Cells. This fast-paced game takes you to explore levels and fight evil enemies in an effort to escape from a “cursed” island. While the setup is not much different from other platform games, the game’s highly responsive controls take combat to a new level.

You will also come to appreciate the many special abilities that your character can acquire in his multiple careers. They feel powerful despite the fact that, in fact, you are almost always at risk of dying if you make a mistake. This high-risk, high-reward game creates wonderful tensions and will make you want to give one more run.



Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero is one of the best games for PS4

One of the most acclaimed narrative-focused games of all time, Kentucky Route Zero it finally hit PS4 in early 2020. Located below Kentucky in a secret tunnel, the game stars a truck driver and is focused on dialogue and atmosphere rather than a traditional challenge.

It is developed in five acts, the last of which was released simultaneously with the “TV Edition” that came to the consoles. It is an exciting and thrilling journey from start to finish. The game’s simple yet distinct visual style serves its themes well, resembling a watercolor painting done with sharp, drastic lines.

The Witness

The Witness, The long-awaited Braid follow-up created by Jonathan Blow in 2008, is an independent puzzle, in line with Myst.

Just like the classic from the 90s, you land on a mysterious island with little or no context, and you will be in charge of solving a series of puzzles, which in turn will allow you to explore and discover the secrets of the island.

However, unlike Myst, the challenges of The Witness they are clearly defined.

Blow has created a rich syntax of puzzle mechanics within this consistent framework, which helps keep the pressure on.


Role playing games

Person 5

Shin Megami Tensei has become increasingly popular with western gamers. Person 5 de Atlus was the first in the series and launched making it one of the best RPG games for the PS4 to date.

In Person 5 You will play as an unnamed teenager who is sent to a new city after a confrontation with a powerful man. Soon, a mysterious application on the phone will bring you an alternate reality built from the thoughts of others.

So, Person 5 It turns into a traditional turn-based RPG, but also a visual novel with Japanese elements. And both for its history, and for many other elements, it occupies an important place in our list of games for the PS4.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

For decades, one of the most requested games was a new version of Final Fantasy 7. It’s finally here and offers everything fans wanted and more. In addition to being arguably the most engaging game on PS4, it tells the story of Cloud, Aerith, and the Avalanche group in the most well-written and sensible way.

All about Final Fantasy 7 Remake It has been modernized to adapt to today’s culture without leaving behind what made it great. Even crazier, he somehow made a complete Japanese RPG without feeling empty. Changing the format in turns for a fast and complex mechanism of action, is the best way to experience one of the best games ever created.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn offers a change of pace. You will play as Aloy of the Nora tribe through a vast and extensive post-apocalyptic world invaded by large animal-like mechanical beasts.

Also, Horizon Zero Dawn it is much more than a beautiful game. Smooth combat to take down the wide range of robotic beasts is constantly exciting and fresh.

Likewise, the history and the world it presents is captivating for its brave heroine.

Definitely, Horizon Zero Dawn it manages to offer abundant fun throughout an adventure of more than 30 hours, which makes it an outstanding game within its genre.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

While there are plenty of RPGs available for Sony’s PlayStation 4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best. Players return to play the role of Geralt of Rivia, waging a battle against the advance of the Wild Hunt Army in the Northern Kingdoms.

Although it is still similar to the style of the previous games in the series, in this case a new combat mechanic has been included and the customization has been significantly reinforced, thus helping to improve the gameplay and offering a greater sense of depth.

Por otra parte, pocos juegos poseen la clase de escritura de Witcher 3, que ofrece una historia apasionante escrita por el escritor Marcin Blacha. Quizás el mayor atractivo del juego es el hecho de que la historia principal lleva a los jugadores, aproximadamente, hasta las 30 horas para completarla.


Monster Hunter: World

No es exactamente el juego más tradicional de Monster Hunter, pero eso es lo que lo hace muy bueno. Si disfrutas de un buen juego de rol de mundo abierto en el que puedes rastrear monstruos raros, entablar combates duros y crear una armadura increíble con sus restos, entonces Monster Hunter: World es ideal para ti.

Monster Hunter: World moderniza un juego de rol clásico y hace que sea fácil para cualquiera. Cuenta con hermosas zonas que se sienten vivas, monstruos con inteligencia artificial mejorada y cruces de contenido descargable con Final Fantasy, Street Fighter and Horizon Zero Dawn. También encontrarás un modo multijugador en el que hasta cuatro jugadores pueden vestirse con su mejor equipo y acabar con bestias peligrosas juntos.

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Kingdom Hearts III

Después de una espera de más de 13 años, Kingdom Hearts 3 finalmente llegó. El RPG de acción infundido en Disney se adhiere a sus raíces de PS2 mientras avanza la acción de manera inteligente y atractiva. Los siete mundos de Disney que Sora, Donald y Goofy visitan en su aventura son mucho más complacientes y se realizan plenamente que en las entradas anteriores, lo que permite que la magia de Disney envuelva por completo la experiencia.

Si bien cada una de las historias de Disney calentará tu corazón, el combate es la razón por la que el juego no te cansa después de docenas de horas. Armado con un grupo de Keyblades con una transformación o dos cada uno, eliminar hordas de Heartless nunca ha sido tan variado. Sora incluso puede convocar a los parques temáticos de Disney, como hacer girar las tazas de té para eliminar a los enemigos grandes y pequeños a toda prisa. Sí, Kingdom Hearts 3 tiene una historia descabellada que es difícil de seguir, pero es una despedida muy divertida de un arco de historia que comenzó hace 17 años.


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

The Division 2 no necesitaba cambios drásticos en comparación con el primer juego, especialmente después de que Ubisoft Massive y sus estudios hermanos hubieran logrado resolver algunos de sus problemas. El juego de rol de mundo abierto sigue la misma estructura que su predecesor, con su agente subiendo de nivel y adquiriendo nuevas habilidades y equipo a medida que avanza a través de una campaña llena de tiroteos y explosiones. Es la tarifa estándar de

Clancy, pero esta vez hay muchos momentos clave que le dan a la versión del juego de Washington D.C. una sensación dinámica que no está presente en la primera Division.

En casi todos los lugares a los que vayas en The Division 2, encontrarás una nueva actividad que hacer o un grupo de enemigos por derrotar, pero el juego logra evitar sentirse abrumador al dividir sus áreas en niveles progresivamente más altos. Una vez que completa las misiones diseñadas para un área, comienza a asumirlas en la siguiente, y los coleccionables y las grabaciones holográficas especiales ayudan a llenar los vacíos de la historia en el camino. La versión de PlayStation 4 del juego sufre de un tamaño de archivo extremadamente grande que requiere cerca de 100 GB en descargas, incluso si posees el disco, pero definitivamente vale la pena.

Destiny 2

Aunque muchos de nosotros amamos el Destiny original, tenemos que reconocer que tenía una historia críptica y confusa, además de mundo sorprendentemente vacío. Estos problemas se han corregido en Destiny 2, un juego tan rico en contenido que de pronto nos hemos visto jugándolo durante tres o cuatro horas seguidas sin siquiera darnos cuenta. Los combates suaves del primer juego regresan, pero se combinan con una historia cinematográfica que abarca cuatro mundos diferentes, una gran cantidad de “Aventuras” adicionales para completar, seis ataques cooperativos y un componente competitivo multijugador tan bueno como Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1.


Final Fantasy XIV

Cuando el MMO Final Fantasy XIV se lanzó originalmente en 2010, fue catalogado como uno de los peores juegos del momento. Sin embargo, Square Enix no se dió por vencido y en su lugar, optó por reconstruirlo por completo en una nueva versión llamada Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Conocido con el apodo inal Fantasy XIV, es uno de los únicos juegos verdaderos MMO disponibles en la PlayStation 4, y se lanzó a una recepción mucho más positiva.

Varios parches y expansiones pagas se han lanzado en los últimos años, incluido Stormblood 2017, que agregó nuevas mazmorras, una nueva incursión, nuevos empleos, varias nuevas áreas jugables y un nuevo límite de nivel.



Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Hemos llegado al punto en el que los videojuegos contemporáneos también tienen sus spin-off o series derivadas. Por lo general, esto nos provoca recelo, pero se debe decir que Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled ofrece la acción frenética y tonta del corredor de karts original con una nueva y hermosa capa de pintura. Después del algo decepcionante Team Sonic Racing, es el sustituto perfecto para un juego de Mario Kart en la PS4.

Con el poder de Internet, puedes competir contra tus amigos on-line, y el juego también incluye parte del contenido visto por primera vez en Crash Nitro Kart. La versión de PS4 también viene con skins exclusivas.

Gran Turismo Sport

Polyphony ha creado uno de los productos más realistas y atractivos de toda la serie con su Gran Turismo Sport. Con soporte para resolución 4K, 60 cuadros por segundo y HDR, podrás ver cada banda de rodadura de tus neumáticos y cada gota de lluvia que caiga sobre tus ventanas, además de disponer de 150 vehículos diferentes para elegir.

También hay funciones de asistencia de manejo para que los conductores menos experimentados puedan disfrutar del Gran Turismo Sport, así como una “escuela de manejo”. Además –y siempre que tu estómago pueda manejarlo–puedes jugar esta pieza con PlayStation VR, ya que es compatible. Se trata de un modo completo en 360 ​​grados que muestra todo el interior del vehículo mientras compites. Alucinante.


Wipeout Omega Collection

Han pasado algunos años desde que nos llegó una nueva entrada en la serie de carreras de ciencia ficción Wipeout, pero varios de sus mejores juegos están disponibles para PS4 en la Wipeout Omega Collection. Incluidos en Wipeout HD, Wipeout HD Fury y Wipeout 2048, los juegos han sido remasterizados para admitir 4K y HDR en PlayStation 4 Pro, y las texturas se han rediseñado completamente para que se vean mucho mejor de cerca. Mejora aún más con los auriculares PlayStation VR, ya que el modo VR incluido mueve la acción a una perspectiva en primera persona para que puedas experimentar realmente los bucles y giros más grandes que pasan en cada carrera.



MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20 es el único simulador de béisbol en el mercado, pero esa ventaja no ha hecho que Sony San Diego sea complaciente. El último juego ha recibido grandes revisiones, desde bateo hasta lanzamiento, con más oportunidades prácticas. El modo Road to the Show ha sido modificado para ser más desafiante y gratificante. También se ha simplificado para ofrecer los juegos más emocionantes de la temporada más rápidamente.

Obtener incluso un sencillo puede ser un desafío si te enfrentas a un lanzador talentoso, pero la emoción de sincronizar perfectamente un golpe y golpear una pelota hacia el vacío hace que todo valga la pena.

NBA 2K (Serie)

2K Sports ha sido el rey del baloncesto durante años, y la experiencia nunca ha sido más realista que en la PlayStation 4. Con modelos de jugador que son casi fotorrealistas, a veces es difícil saber que estás jugando un videojuego o viendo un juego en vivo de la NBA, y hay suficientes modos incluidos en NBA 2K19 para mantenerte ocupado durante toda la temporada.

Desde el popular modo “MyCareer” (enfocado en un solo jugador que va subiendo de categoría) al modo en línea MyTeam, siempre habrá algo que no hayas hecho antes, y las mejoras realizadas en cada nueva entrega hacen el simulador más real.



EA Sports tuvo que trabajar mucho cuando desarrolló FIFA 20 porque tenía que hacerlo sin el modo historia que se incluyó en las tres entregas anteriores. La historia de Alex Hunter se perdió en FIFA 20, pero la incorporación de Volta Football ayudó a que la omisión fuera más sabrosa. El nuevo modo se siente como el fútbol para aquellos que no les gusta este deporte, ​​con puntajes altos e incluso con la posibilidad de hacer rebotar la pelota en la pared.

Los cambios no son tan obvios para quienes no han jugado obsesivamente, pero el nuevo “acabado compuesto” en situaciones uno a uno y un sistema de abordaje más realista han ayudado a hacerlo más justo y una versión más equilibrada del deporte. Más objetivos y opciones en FIFA Ultimate Team también deberían ayudarte a seguir jugando durante meses.

Pro Evolution Soccer (Serie)

No es tan popular como el FIFA, pero los juegos Pro Evolution Soccer de Konami todavía tienen mucho que ofrecer a los fanáticos del deporte-rey. Las nuevas características incluidas en los últimos juegos incluyen “dribbling estratégico”, que te da un control significativamente mayor sobre la pelota, así como un movimiento de balón más realista.

Si prefieres formar un equipo con un amigo cuando juegas online, disfrutarás del modo cooperativo en línea de PES 2018, y la opción “coincidencia de selección aleatoria” te da la oportunidad de competir contra jugadores con habilidades similares, todo en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. El juego también es visualmente impactante, con jugadores recreados con asombroso parecido y  animaciones faciales reelaboradas que te dicen exactamente lo que están pensando después de una gran jugada.


Rocket League

¿Es fútbol? ¿Es baloncesto? ¿Es algo completamente diferente? Realmente no importa en Rocket League, el juego de carreras híbrido que reemplaza a los jugadores humanos con vehículos propulsados por cohetes capaces de elevarse en el aire para golpear balones de fútbol de gran tamaño en la red.

Con otras competiciones que imitan deportes como el baloncesto y una tonelada de contenido post-lanzamiento, puedes dejar todo lo que estás haciendo fácilmente y jugar a Rocket League durante semanas.


¿Y por qué elegir la PS4?

La PlayStation 4 supuso, fácilmente, el salto más impresionante en la historia de la consola, brindando conectividad constante y procesamiento de alta potencia a una multitud de jugadores que no se impresionan fácilmente. Sony ha sido una potencia durante años y la PS4, así como la PlayStation 4 Pro, son dignas adiciones al legado de la compañía.


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