The best horror movies on Netflix (June 2020)

Although it’s nice to have options, sometimes going through all the options Netflix offers can be quite laborious. But you’re in luck, as we have done the work for you and bring you a good list of the best alternatives available. From creepy classics to new cult tapes, the following is our pick for the best horror movies on Netflix you can watch right now.

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Just be aware that the catalog changes by location, so some of the following movies may not be available in your country.

The Invitation (2015)

Although it may be a slow build, The Invitation It is simultaneously one of the scariest and most realistic horror movies available on Netflix. The story tracks Will (Logan Marshall-Green), who accepts an invitation from his ex-wife for a dinner. Surrounded by friends he didn’t see in a long time and heartwarming fun, Will can’t seem to shake off the feeling that something is wrong. Whether it’s the strange new friends of his ex-wife or the dark memories that haunt his old relationship, something is wrong. Will must find some way to deal with paranoia or accept truths. Is it all in your imagination or is there something much more threatening? In the end, The Invitation It will make viewers reconsider any spontaneous invitations and plans they may have for the foreseeable future.

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Train to Busan

Frame from Train to Busan

Set in South Korea, the film begins with a variety of people, including workaholic businessman Seok-woo (Gong Yoo) and his daughter, Su-an (Kim Su-an), who board a train for Busan. Unfortunately, a zombie flu outbreak is affecting the area that morning, and one of the train passengers is infected.

Later (as you might imagine), a wave of the undead chases the living through the convoy, as the country turns into chaos. Train To Busan is a frantic and tense thriller that makes the zombie genre seem fresh again.

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The Wicker Man (1973)

In this classic of horror and mystery, British director Robin Hardy invites audiences to a secluded and picturesque Scottish island village, amid the disappearance of a young woman. Sergeant Neil Howie (Edward Woodward) must investigate the case after he received an cryptic letter anonymously, traveling to the remote location only to learn strangely that the missing girl may not have existed. With its intense and enthralling mystery tinged very lightly with horror sequences, The Wicker Man It is unrivaled in production, correlating everything in its history, from sound and music to places. In 1979, he won the Saturn Award for Best Horror Film at the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Movies, proof of its status as one of the best horror movies on Netflix despite being from the 1970s.

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

The illustrious cardiac surgeon Steven Murphy (Colin Farrell) has it all: a perfect family, a mansion, a luxury car, bourgeois friends and an unpredictable and mentally unbalanced teenager. Martin (Barry Keoghan), the troubled young man, is the son of a man who died under the knife of Dr. Murphy. We’re not sure how Steven and Martin’s relationship started, but after a series of increasingly strange gestures, Steven tells him that they should start to see each other less. The next day, the surgeon’s son suddenly wakes up paralyzed. After taking him to the hospital, Martin confesses to Steven that he is responsible for the condition of his son and that if he does not kill a member of his own family, other evils will fall on the rest of her.

From the dark mind of the writer / director Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, Dogtooth), The Killing of a Sacred Deer it’s a slow, hypnotic descent into an endless hell of bizarre tragedy, with shocking performances by Farrell, Keoghan, and Nicole Kidman. Nor does it keep secrets. We know who is causing the evil. We even know why. But the excitement and fear come from seeing Martin’s plan come to fruition slowly.

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Sinister (2012)

Sinister It tells the story of Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke), whose discovery of disturbing images in his newly purchased home invokes a series of sinister machinations. The supernatural horror movie was written by blogger-writer C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson, the co-writer / director of Doctor strange, who developed an evil entity with originality. He was even inspired by The Ring. Sinister It is an evocative horror experience, showing not only a man who falls too easily into a rebellious addiction, but also the after effects that affect the family and children, who are most affected.

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Shutter frame

Shutter, from 2004, is a classic title in Thai horror. It is a ghost story that has a plot about karmic retribution. The film begins with Jane (Natthaweeranuch Thongmee) and her boyfriend, a photographer named Tun (Ananda Everingham), enjoying a night out with friends. On the way home, the night takes a turn when they hit a woman crossing a road in the dark. They leave without looking at her and Tun begins to notice strange distortions in the photos he takes, while Jane has horrible visions.

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The Green Room (2015)

The Green Room

Yes Assault on Precinct 13 from John Carpenter 13 and American History X Tony Kaye had a child, it would probably be Green room, Jeremy Saulnier’s violent thriller. Fighting punk band The Ain’t Rights (Anton Yelchin, Alia Shawkat, Joe Cole and Callum Turner) are looking for a change, but they have little energy and the shows are less and less distant. When a Portland-based DJ Tad swindles the band with yet another inexpensive concert at a Mexican restaurant, the punks aren’t overjoyed. To make up for the failed show, Tad gets another one through his cousin, Daniel. The problem? The place is a neo-Nazi complex. The gang accepts and drives to the outskirts of Portland, where the fort is located. After deliberately antagonizing skinheads with an anti-Nazi song, the band prepares to leave, but not before the Yelchin character witnesses the death of a girl surrounded by Nazis, in the middle of the green room. What follows is one of the most violent terror siege hybrids of the past decade. ¿M; Did we mention that the skinhead leader is none other than Patrick Stewart?


Event Horizon (1997)

Event HorizonOne of the few brilliant examples of cosmic terror – in addition to being one of the best space movies of all time – is the terrifying nightmare of a science fiction lover who has become a cult classic of the 1990s. It happens in the year 2047: after a distress signal in the far reaches of space, the Lewis and Clark crew unknowingly head straight for the mouth of evil. The Event Horizon ship lost seven years earlier on its maiden voyage has returned with an extra dose of intrigue and demonic aura. Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne) and his crew must embark alongside Event Horizon’s main creator Dr. Weir (Sam Neill), who may well have his own schedule to return to the evil spaceship. Despite its detractors, Event Horizon It’s still a science fiction horror cult classic, and it even continues to develop in its own original Amazon series.

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The witch

Frame from The Witch

Robert Eggers’ mysterious directorial debut, The witch, is a horror film with a different vision, a piece from the colonial era with an appropriate archaic dialogue and a fascination with Puritan religious concerns. Set in 17th century New England, the film follows a family exiled from their settlement due to Father William’s (Ralph Ineson) disagreements over scripture. William takes his family: his wife Katherine (Kate Dickie), their eldest daughter Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy), their son Caleb (Harvey Scrimshaw) and the twins Mercy and Jonas, on the edge of a remote and dark forest, where they build a house. However, when an invisible force takes away the family’s newborn son, Samuel, it becomes clear that something bad lives in the forest and that the rest of the family may also be in danger. The witch It deliberately brings out fears, and the film’s unique setting and atmosphere is striking.

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Insidious (2010)

A family has a problem with a haunted house, so their only way out is to run away. In InsidiousFather Josh (Patrick Wilson), mother Renai (Rose Byrne) and sons Foster and Dalton (Andrew Astor and Ty Simpkins) do exactly that, but the demons pursue them. Because it is not the house that corners them, but their son, Dalton. Writer / director James Wan is a horror expert and an incredibly visual storyteller. Each box Insidious is charged with terror. Even if we’re not up against one of the many beings in the film, the camera and production design keep us trapped in a world of extremes, with rooms that feel huge, making us viewers incredibly small. With an orchestral score that could be the melodic sister of The Exorcist, Insidious It combines image, sound and performances that you will surely not forget.


Gerald’s Game

Still from Gerald’s Game

Based on the 1992 Stephen King thriller of the same name, Gerald’s Game It was one of the first original productions with which Netflix was successful. It is a deep and provocative tale of a marriage, Jessie (Carla Gugino) and Gerald (Bruce Greenwood), who take a weekend vacation in their lakeside cabin in hopes of rekindling their stagnant relationship. They decide to spice it up with some sadomasochism, but Gerald suffers a heart attack amid passion, leaving Jessie handcuffed to the bed without anyone being able to free her. Bound and riddled with hallucinations of Gerald and people from the past, Jessie struggles to break free and suffers a psychological collapse. Another excellent result of director Mike Flanagan, of the fame of Hush and Oculus.

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Hush frame

Maddie Young (Kate Siegel) is a deaf writer who prefers to live in the forest to be inspired by her works, without the multiple distractions of the city. However, that isolation becomes a great danger, when a masked man (John Gallagher Jr.) appears, kills his neighbor and then looks at Maddie.

Alone with the killer and with no one to turn to, Maddie must use her wits to survive. Director Mike Flanagan has established himself as a horror director willing to experiment with the limits of horror, with films like Oculus and the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, but Hush It is a master class in basic concepts, a movie with a tight script.

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Cloverfield (2008)

Cloverfield remains one of the best horror movies of the “mystery tape found” style, alongside Blair WitchHe even started his own original franchise. With a promising T.J. Miller as the principal cameraman and future director of The BatmanMatt Reeves in command, Cloverfield he won over the public with an ambiguous narrative that was open to speculation, even beyond the credits. Amid a cheery farewell party given by Rob (Michael Stahl-David) for his brother Jason (Mike Vogel), a catastrophic earthquake shakes the foundations and takes attendees to the roof of the building, just in time to see the horizon of New York descending into darkness. By recording the following events, Rob (Miller) and a small group of friends are guided by Rob through a city marked by chaos to save his ex-girlfriend. The success of the film brought to life two sequels, 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Cloverfield Experiment, who explored different perspectives of the same cataclysmic event.

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Under the Shadow

Frame from Under the Shadow

The movie Under the Shadow made a great comparison with The Babadook And it’s easy to see why: Both films follow mothers who care for troubled children while supernatural forces torment them.

Under the ShadowSpecifically, it is set during the war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s. Shideh (Narges Rashidi), a former medical student who had to give up her career after the theocratic government took power in the Iranian revolution, became a housewife, living with her husband Iraj (Bobby Naderi) and daughter Dorsa (Avin Manshadi) in an apartment in Tehran.

When Iraj, who is a doctor, is sent to the field as part of the war effort, Shideh must take care of Doras alone. As if that were not enough, after a missile hits her building, Dorsa begins to behave strangely, convinced that a spirit is prowling around the building, and as strange events unfold, Shideh must face the possibility that something supernatural is happening.

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The Ring (2002)

Based on the horror novel Ringu from Koji Suzuki, The Ring 2002 is a terrifying vision of the potential of a haunted videocassette. The film stars Naomi Watts in the role of a journalist whose newly discovered fascination with a demonic VHS may well lead her and her son to impending death. Aided by Noah (Martin Henderson), she will try to uncover the secrets behind the evil video in an attempt to free the device from its curse. The Ring It earned $ 200 million over its $ 48 million budget, marking it as one of the highest grossing horror remakes.

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Horror images found may be a dying art form, but one of the few iterations about the genre is a must-see on Netflix. Starring Mark Duplass as Josef and the film’s director Patrick Brice as his cameraman Aaron Franklin, Creep It is a rare kind of horror filmography. Like The Invitation, Creep It takes a while to catch flight, but once it does, you enjoy it. The film keeps viewers guessing from start to finish, and it’s only here that the true story comes alive in its most provocative and haunting dimension.

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Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Despite not being explicitly horror, this modern Guillermo del Toro classic manages to put fear into your body with relative ease. The story follows a young Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) in the process of moving with her pregnant mother to a large mansion in the countryside, which serves as the base of operations for Captain Vidal (Sergi López) in the middle of the Spanish civil war. History uses real-world concepts – such as the fascist ideology of the Falange – to evoke the growing terror of its underlying narrative. In the process of unraveling the rebirth of Princess Moanna, Ofelia also challenges the tropes of belief and the mystical. Lost in the maze of everyday life, Ophelia must face her fate as the Underworld approaches to catch her.

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