If your Android mobile lacks an FM radio, you can use these useful apps to tune into your favorite channels.

FM radio has disappeared from most of our smartphones and that is a negative point for many. However, not everything is lost, there are still current mobiles that have FM radio. If your device is not one of them, Google Play and an Internet connection can be very helpful thanks to the best free radio apps for Android.

Either because the phone lacks an FM radio or because you want to access your favorite channels in a simpler way than the one provided by the native app, these applications are ideal if you love to listen to this means of communication.

Radio apps for Android

If your phone lacks FM radio, you can download a radio app for Android

The best mobile radio apps for Android

In the Android app store you can find different types of radio apps. On the one hand, there are those that simply offer access only to those Spanish -you can easily recognize them by name- and, on the other hand, there are others with which you can listen to radio stations from all over the world. Next, we will tell you about the best radio apps available for your Android mobile.

Radio Spain FM

As its name suggests, this application includes all Spanish radio channels. You can group the ones you like the most in the Favorites section, Although there is also the Top 20 section, where you will find the most popular stations without much trouble.

The application itself is quite simple, what you want is to listen to the radio and you don’t need multiple options that end up bothering you. What it is useful is its automatic shutdown mode, that you can configure to not fall asleep with the radio on.

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Simple Radio

There is not much to think about, its own name indicates it. It is a fairly simple application, intended for you to listen to national and international stations. Its main screen is divided into two categories, Favorites and Recommended, next to the search engine that you will find in the upper right corner, where you can search the catalog of more than 50,000 stations of this radio app.

Simple Radio has practically nothing else, apart from an option to remove advertising to make the interface even more comfortable. The key is to group the stations you listen to the most in Favorites, so that you do not complicate your search and that it works almost as if it were a radio of a lifetime. Simple and fast, this is the access to the radio channels you want thanks to this free app.

Radios of Spain

Live and free, so you can listen to your favorite radio stations thanks to this app called Radios de España. With over a million downloads in the Play Store, it has the basic functions that we ask of a radio app: search engine, Favorites section and sleep timer so I can accompany you to sleep without fear that it will stay on all night.

In addition, Radios de España has a Soccer mode with which you can synchronize the narration of your favorite radio hosts with the image of the game you are watching. With an offer made up of Spanish channels both nationally and regionally, Radios de España is postulated as one of the best radio app for your Android mobile.

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FM Radio – Free stations

The first thing you will find when entering the app is a complete list of countries through which you can navigate listening to stations from Portugal, Chile, Iceland and even Madagascar. No matter what country you are looking for, you will find it. You can also sort the stations by genre or language.

Scrolling left in the top menu will take you to the Recommended tab, where you will find a selection of stations based on your location. It also has an automatic shutdown function in addition to a alarm that will wake you up with the station you choose. It is a simple but really complete application, perfect for radio lovers, hence its more than 50 million downloads on Google Play.


Like most radio apps we talk about, Replaio has ads. Visually it is quite different from the previous ones, with a main menu that groups the different stations by musical genres. In the central part you will find a search engine in which you can track by name, gender, dial, country and even city.

We do not forget its favorites section, thanks to which you can have everything you like in one place. We also have to talk about automatic shutdown and alarm, and that allows customization, an aspect that is appreciated. You have different color options both in the menus and in the background so that everything is to your liking.

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As a positive aspect of Replaio we must mention that all the functions are free, including the equalizer with which you can adapt the sound to your preferences.

miRadio (FM Spain)

Another very complete radio app in terms of functions is miRadio, in which the station finder, the Favorites section, the automatic shutdown and the alarm are not missing, so you can wake up your favorite channel. More than 1,500 stations make up its catalog, both national and local, so you won’t have much trouble listening to your favorites.

In addition, miRadio also stands out for its high degree of customization, since you can change both appearance and performance settings. For example, you can choose whether you want to start playback only when connected to a WiFi network, or whether it should stop when you disconnect the headphones.

myTuner Radio

You will not find limits of borders when listening to the radio with myTuner Radio, a free app with more than 50,000 radio stations around the world. To find the chain you like you can use the search engine, where you can search by country, city or gender, among other filters.

As in the other apps, myTuner Radio does not lack Favorites section, automatic shutdown and alarm to wake up listening to the radio. Without a doubt, a complete app in terms of functions and, best of all, free for your Android mobile.

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