Get even more out of your Huawei camera.

In addition to having among its catalog with real portents in terms of mobile photography Like the P40 Pro and P40 Pro +, Huawei also includes one of the more complete camera applications that we have seen on a mobile to date. Something that, although it may be useful on certain occasions, on others it can confuse users due to the endless number of different options and functions.

Among all those functions, it is also possible find some tricks with which to get even more out of the camera of Huawei mobiles. Today, we wanted to select some of the most useful, available in most of the company’s recent terminals.

Huawei P40 Pro Plus camera app

This is the camera app on the latest Huawei mobiles

Rearrange or remove available modes

Luckily, all that endless ways I was talking about before can be organize to our liking. For this, you only need open the camera application and go to the “More” section. Once there, you have to touch the pencil icon located at the top and start rearranging the different modes according to the order in which you want them to appear.

At the moment, Huawei does not offer the possibility of edit the order of the modes that appear on the main screen of the camera app. We are confident that a future update to the camera app will allow changes to be made in this regard. Meanwhile, we will have to settle for what we have.

Download and add new modes to the camera

Within the same mode editing menu, you can also add or remove some of the available modes, to add even more tools to the camera app, or to “clean” the settings application that you are not going to use. Currently only possible add or remove two of the modes.

To remove them, in the edit panel you must tap on the X icon that will appear in the upper right corner of the mode in question. Instead, to add new modes you must tap on the download icon from the top that appears in the “More” section of the camera app.

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Use the flash “always on” as an internal

Another function that you may not know about the camera app on your Huawei mobile is the possibility of keep the flash always on when taking photos. Typically, mobiles include this option when capturing video, but few manufacturers give the option of keep the flash on in photo mode.

If you want to activate this flashlight mode, you need to tap on the flash icon at the top, and then tapping on light bulb icon.

Find out what each of the camera modes is for

We return to the modes panel, this time to Learn more about each of them, and see how it is possible to get more out of each of the options. Within the “More” menu, touch the “i” icon circled to open a panel with explanations on the operation of each of the modes **. It is also possible to see information about the downloadable modes that we mentioned in the second trick.

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Take a quick photo at the touch of a button

Finally, one of the most useful tricks that can save us on more than one occasion is the one that allows take a quick photo without turning on the phone, simply with double press on the volume down button of the mobile.

Activating this option is as simple as go to the camera app settings and enable the “Quick Snapshot” function. You can also use this function to open the camera app, without having to take a photo each time you press the volume down button twice.

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