Today in a new episode of Connecting, the TechVote podcast, we analyze the best bluetooth headphones for your mobile phones regardless of the budget you have.

As every Thursday today we bring you a new episode of your favorite podcast, Connecting from TechVote. If last week we talked about users not spending a lot of money on mobile phones unless they are an Apple iPhone, Today it is time to analyze what is happening in the wireless headphones market.

Because despite the coronavirus, the sales of the headphones grow unstoppably with a clear winner, the AirPods from Apple. Now, it is possible that you are not willing to pay the more than 100 euros that cost the devices of the bitten apple so in episode 60 of Connecting, we tell you what are the best alternatives.

What are the best wireless headphones for my smartphone? Find out in Connecting, episode 60

From the cheap and new realme Buds Air Neo for just 39.99 euros to the most expensive devices like Sony’s. There is a wireless headphone for each of us. For this reason we analyze the best options on the market, so that you only have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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