One of the cheapest electric scooters comes at a discount, but only for a limited time.

Thanks to this Banggood offer you have the possibility to enter the world of electric mobility. You can buy one of Nextdrive’s electric scooters with a 49% discount, practically half the price. These are all its characteristics.

Cities are changing, and we with them. New mobility habits can help us respect the environmentTasks as simple as using public transport mean a considerable reduction in polluting emissions. Of course, also electric mobility.

Xiaomi electric scooter

This new mobility has more followers every day.

One of the cheapest for you to sign up for the new mobility

The Nextdrive scooter has a simple design and a weight of around 12 kilos. Right on the handlebar it incorporates a small panel where you can see the speed to which you move. It reaches 26 kilometers per hour and it will give you autonomy close to 30 kilometers.

Nextdrive electric scooter

Thanks to its folding body you can store it in any corner.

This Nextdrive N-4A supports a maximum weight of 100 kilos and incorporates an engine with 350W power. Its wheels come with disc brakes, improving your safety during journeys through the city.

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You can fold it and carry it somewhat more comfortably, also store it in any small corner. Furthermore, it is splash resistant thanks to its IP55 certification.

Some alternatives

Xiaomi Mijia M365

Xiaomi Mijia 365

One of the most efficient ways to get around the city.

Xiaomi has a wide variety of electric vehicles, but this Mijia M365 is its banner. It is made of an aluminum alloy and comes with a simple design that you can find in black and white. Like our previous example, it is around 12 kilos in weight and you can easily fold it. It is capable of reaching 25 km / h, if you activate the battery saving mode it will stay at 18 km / h.

The Xiaomi scooter, which was renovated just a few weeks ago, will give you up to 30 kilometers of autonomy. In addition, it incorporates 4 LED lights that will be in charge of showing the remaining battery level at all times. Its charging time ranges from 6 to 8 hours.

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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro

Xiaomi electric scooter

Xiaomi’s basic scooter steps up one level.

The “Pro” version goes up one notch compared to the M365, keeping one the maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. In this case we find ourselves with greater autonomy, about 45 kilometers. It is still foldable, but its weight amounts to 14 kg.

Again, we find IP54 certification, a charging time close to 8 hours and one maximum load of 100 kg. We leave you a link to AliExpress, where you can buy it at a discount. If you are not convinced, you can also take a look at the Xiaomi electric bicycle.

This is an offer available at the time of article posting. Discounts may vary based on stock and store demand.

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