Some of the best news that will land on iPhone with iOS 14.

Apple has held its first fully virtual WWDC event, and in it he has presented the novelties that will arrive from this year to iPhone devices with iOS 14. The new version of the company’s mobile operating system is now official, and as with Android 11, the most impatient users can already try the first edition aimed at developers.

There are many changes that iOS 14 brings, but not all of them are revolutionary. In fact, some of the novelties of iOS 14 were already present on Android for some time.


IOS 14 widgets

These are some of the iOS 14 widgets

The widgets They have been present in Android since beta version 0.9 of the operating system, and for years they have been one of the most used customization elements by users of the platform. Now, Apple has decided to integrate them into its operating system, so that the home screen will no longer be occupied solely by the icons of the apps.

Another similarity with Android in that sense is the existence of a gallery of widgets that allows you to navigate between the different elements available, as well as the option of choose the dimensions of each widget before adding them to the home screen.

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Application drawer (more or less)

IOS 14 App Library

App Library, the reinvention of Apple’s app drawer

Another novelty that reaches the home screen of the iPhone is “App Library”, a kind of app drawer which helps to keep all the apps on the device organized in categories, on the same page located on the first page of the “launcher”. It even includes a search engine that allows you to quickly find installed apps.

Picture in Picture

PIP in iOS 14

PIP mode comes to iOS

From now on, if you are watching a video on your iPhone, or you’re making a FaceTime video call, you can create a small popup with the video, that you can drag anywhere on the screen. A function that had been present in Android since the arrival of Android 8 Oreo.

An assistant that no longer occupies the entire screen

New Siri

The new Siri no longer occupies the entire screen

Google decided to change the interface of its virtual assistant so that, when invoking it, it was not necessary open an app full screen. In this way, the Assistant would only occupy a third of the lower part of the screen, giving the possibility of opening the app in full screen if necessary.

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In iOS 14, Apple has largely revamped Siri, with one of the most important developments being the fact that the assistant no longer occupies the entire screen when invoked. Instead, Apple replaces it with an animated icon that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Instant apps

CLips App

Apple App Clips remind us of Android instant apps

Today, Apple has also introduced the calls “App Clips”, a kind of instant applications that allow you to run small parts of an app, and incidentally eliminate the need to have them installed on the device device, thus saving space and resources. A premise that reminds us of that of the Android instant applications launched in 2017. It will be necessary to see if, in the case of Apple, developer adoption it’s better than it was on Android.

Choice of default apps

It has taken years, and for some reason it has not even been announced as one of the most important novelties of iOS 14 or iPadOS 14, but with the new version of Apple software, the possibility of choose third-party tools such as default browser and email manager apps. In Android, this option has been present basically since the beginning of the platform.

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Now, all that remains is for Apple to allow developers create complete browsers on iOS and iPadOS, instead of “disguised” versions of Safari as before.

These are some of the novelties of iOS 14 that will arrive on Apple devices over the coming months, but they are not the only ones. In addition to all of the above changes, Apple has also released, among other things, a translator application pre-installed on iOS, which allows carry out translations in real time without the need for an Internet connection. I wonder where they got the idea from.

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