Chen San Yuan, the veteran Pokémon GO player, has gone from having 45 to 64 mobile phones installed on his bike to play the Niantic title.

Pokémon GO It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular mobile games and currently has a large mass of players, of all types and ages. One of them became a viral phenomenon in the first half of last year, do you remember the Asian old man playing Pokémon GO with 30 mobiles? Chen San Yuan, that’s what this Pokémon trainer’s name is, continues to surprise months later by going one step further in his well-known feat: now use 64 smartphones to play the popular Niantic title.

This title player based on the Nintendo franchise became very popular at the time when it was known that he was dedicated to ride a bike through the streets of Taiwan with six iPhones and three Samsung connected to a battery, and each of them with a different Pokémon GO account with which he tried to conquer gyms and raids without the need for the help of other players. His story became so viral that Chen San Yuan later became ASUS ambassador, brand that gave him 21 mobiles to continue his adventure. Even the number of terminals continued to increase, since in October last year it already had 45 smartphones installed on your bike.

Pokémon GO old man bike

The old man who plays Pokémon GO on his bike now uses 64 mobiles.

The famous Pokémon GO player now has a total of 64 smartphones installed on his bike to play the popular Niantic title, as reported by Taiwan News. Devices that are placed in a kind of support that is located just above the handlebar of the bicycle, in a position that allows you to have all the terminals controlled with just a glance and without obstructing the sight of this well-known old man and one of the most interesting coaches for the mobile title.

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Veteran Pokémon GO player now has 64 smartphones installed on his bike

old man plays Pokémon GO

This is the aspect of the bicycle that this old man uses to play Pokémon GO with 64 mobiles.

The story of Chen San Yuan, a retired teacher, with the work of Niantic began in 2018, when a Reddit user made his story known on the well-known Internet forum. This player, 72 years oldHe started his adventure using just 6 smartphones and a bicycle. Chen San Yuan is a huge fan of the augmented reality game and his nickname, ‘Pokémon Go Granpa’, derives from his love for the title for smartphones. This elderly player started his wanderings in the title based on the Nintendo franchise just after her grandson taught her the game.

Currently Chen San Yuan passes about 20 hours a day playing Pokémon GO and it does it for 5-6 days a week, until the battery of your smartphone runs out. Adding more cell phones to his bike was one of the solutions for more hours of fun, he even came up with a quirky mechanism to mount them all in his vehicle and keep them charged and on. while pedaling through the streets. An adventure that he now carries out with a total of 64 smartphones with which he is completely ready to capture all the pocket monsters.

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