The Pokemon Company presents Pikachu wedding ring

In a striking move, The Pokemon Company in conjunction with the Japanese jewelry company Ginza tanaka They have started selling Pikachu-inspired wedding rings.

According to the company, couples seeking to ratify their love through the nuptial engagement will be able to access this option, and it will make much more sense if they want to make it thematic.

In total there are two different models that fans can access and both have a pearl on top that simulates the ears of the main character of the series.

The company offers them in two different materials, platinum and gold, plus they come with a special box with pokéball that will serve as a box for when the groom decides to ask his wife to marry him.

The Pokemon Company presents Pikachu wedding ring

Regarding the price of these rings, the platinum model will cost $ 1,074 dollars, while for the one built in gold, fans will be able to get it at $ 3,223.

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Among the additions that include is an emblem of the head of Pikachu, which has the engraving of the phrase “I choose you” at the top of the band.

More details on its distribution and whether both models will reach other markets throughout the world are not yet known.

However, the proposal is still striking and for all fans of the Japanese series who are thinking of taking the next step if they have a love relationship, formalizing the engagement through a ring that is shaped like Pikachu, the flagship Pokémon of cartoons.

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