The skinny Pau Donés who fell in love with the world with her song, lives in Milan

The skinny Pau Donés who made the world fall in love with her song, lives in Milan. The woman who starred in the popular song Jarabe de Palo exists, is of Cuban origin and has been living in Italy for more than two decades.

Pau Donés passed away at 53 years of age This Tuesday, after losing the battle against cancer that he suffered since 2015, but the success with which he rose to fame, as well as the rest of his songs will remain forever in the hearts of those who liked Jarabe de Palo.

But who was the skinny? La flaca’s song became a success and is part of the first album of palo syrup, which has the name of this song and was released in 1996, but behind the musical success of this song is the Pau Donés love story with a Cuban model.

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The woman by name Alsoris Guzmán González, better known as ‘la flaca’ thanks Pau Donés, she met the members of the group while they were in Havana recording a video for the album with which they would gain fame, she worked in a bar called La Tasca, where the musicians came and were surprised by their beauty.

After a few days they returned to the place and formally introduced themselves and asked her to appear in a video, she accepted, in addition Alsoris Guzmán He showed them places in Cuba that are not used by tourists and Pau Donés He fell madly in love with her and before leaving he wrote the song that would become a band icon.

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La flaca sold more than 2 million copies and was the start of many musical successes and awards for Jarabe de Palo. Alsoris Guzmán lives in the city of Milan for 20 years and the most curious thing is that he is also dedicated to music.

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