In advertising not everything goes and the sample is these four crappy ads, some of them in very bad taste indeed.

To sell a smartphone or any other product, it not only has to be different from the competition but also you have to know how to sell it to the consumer. Apple is an expert in this and it is without a doubt that the bitten apple company has the best marketing experts in the world. If not, how could they manage to sell the slofie as a fundamental characteristic?

Advertising plays a huge role in selling a mobile device. Some ads like this one from Microsoft mocking Apple and Android fanboys were wonderful, although unfortunately not all have been. Some have not only been extravagant and meaningless, but also in very bad taste and controversial. As it shows a few ads collected from Android Police.

LG G8X ThinQ and the green old man

At TechVote we were able to thoroughly test the LG G8X ThinQ, a very interesting device that had a rather impractical case that turned the device into something similar to a folding smartphone. The phone was not bad at all though his announcement on the TikTok account of LG Poland was quite controversial.

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The video showed an older person sneaking photos of a young girl. When she is going to reproach her attitude, the old man excuses himself alleging that he was only taking selfies, completely deceiving her thanks to the extra screen of the case. Of course the video was quickly removed in the face of a flurry of criticism on social media..

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and the cheating boyfriend

Xiaomi's controversial announcement

Luckily Xiaomi quickly withdrew this controversial ad in which a boyfriend was unfaithful to his partner

The truth is that Xiaomi has always been pretty fun when it comes to making announcements and even his taunts at Apple made him laugh. However, this announcement of the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE funny is precisely not.

It shows a boyfriend lying next to his partner while he is unfaithful by chatting with another woman, who we assume will be his lover. In the end the unsuspecting boy gets caught – well deserved – and the video ends there. We really do not know the purpose of this announcement, although Xiaomi removed it from circulation at the time. However, in our retinas this shabby announcement will always be engraved.

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HTC and the rap that nobody asked for

Although HTC is not going through its best moment, in its day it was one of the strongholds of mobile phones and Android. However, being one of the most popular firms didn’t spare him from making such pitiful announcements like this.

Honestly it is a rap where the Taiwanese brand is praised while criticizing other brands or at least that’s what we think happens, because seeing the full commercial is impossible from the shame of others.

Lenovo and the story of the denigrating bear

Lenovo found it interesting to do two commercials of a denigrating anthropomorphic bear that goes from being a disaster to a “cool bear” as soon as it gets a brand smartphone. Almost three minutes spread over two ads in which we see a bear cook or go to work on a bicycle. At least this good bear does not sneak photos of young girls or try to be unfaithful to anyone..

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As we can see when making announcements, not everything goes. While some of the advertising shown here is just plain seedy, Other advertisements are in bad taste, especially that of LG for being the most current. While advertising needs to keep up with the times, we believe there are many other ways to make ads than the examples above. Luckily, these videos that we have shown you are just a few spots on company records and are not the general rule.

And for you, which of all these ads do you think is the worst?

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