These are the changes that are coming soon to the Google Maps app.

In not long time, Google Maps it will be updated to introduce changes and news with which Google wants to make its maps and navigation application even more complete. This has been discovered by the developer specialized in reverse engineering Jane Manchun Wong, investigating the code of one of the latest versions of the application.

Among them are both changes to the user interface They are intended to modernize the appearance of the app, such as new functions and improvements in some of the existing tools. on the platform.

Google Maps Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Google Maps is preparing to receive important news

Google Maps will allow you to choose routes with public transport connections

The first of the discovered changes consists of a novelty in the user interface of the Google Maps app. As can be seen in the screenshot below, Google Maps will receive ** a search bar with rounded corners similar to the one we can find already in the rest of Google apps. Until now, the bar was shaped like a rectangle. In this sense, in addition, the new Google Maps logo introduced in February on its left side, while the user’s profile image will be on the right.

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Other changes that come to the Google Maps user interface appear on the section “Places” of the application. Now the cards for each location will show the most common words that appear in reviews of the different places, so that it is easier to get an idea of ​​what to expect in each of them.

New Maps Search Bar

From now on, the search bar will have rounded corners

Beyond that, the application code reveals new functions that will come to the application over the weeks. First of all, we talk about a better integration with services like Uberso that Maps users can see rates closest to the final figure, by sending information about the route to Uber.

They also talk about new route options including connections with public transport, so that it is possible to combine different types of transport on the same route. In that sense, the example shows combinations such as car and public transport or bicycle and public transport, among other options.

At the moment, none of these news are available in the Google Maps mobile application. However, its development seems to be almost complete, and it is likely that it will not take much longer until the first changes begin to be reflected in the app. Most likely, that is, the beta Google Maps is the first to introduce the changes that are discovered today. To test it, you just have to follow the steps that we show in our guide.

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