They invent a glove that will translate sign language into speech

The deaf-mute community has had to make many requests for voice translation to be placed on television or in sign language films.

A code that must be learned with much patience like any language and that has its complexities. So the University of California wants to ease that translation process and invented a glove that wants to help with that.

It is a device that is inserted in a glove and that later connected to an application on the mobile phone, can allow sign language to be transformed into voice.

The sensors are connected to each other, made of electrical wires, collecting the movement of the hands and the placement of the fingers to interpret individual letters, numbers, words and phrases.

Jun Chen, assistant professor of bioengineering at the UCLA Samueli College of Engineering and principal investigator, referred to this extraordinary invention:

“We hope this opens up an easy way for people who use sign language to communicate directly with non-signers without the need for someone else to translate for them. Furthermore, we hope that it can help more people to learn sign language, ”he said in statements collected by Europapress.

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The device converts the movements into electrical impulses that are sent to the plate that is in the glove, which processes and transforms this into sound that is then reproduced in the mobile application.

Also the creators of the method put adhesive sensors on the eyebrows and mouth to capture the movements of the expressions of the face and give emphasis and context to the translation.

This custom machine learning algorithm converted these gestures into letters, numbers, and the words they represented. The system recognized 660 signs, including each letter of the alphabet and the numbers 0 to 9.

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