The Tesla Cybertruck served as the inspiration for this expensive iPhone 11 model.

You will surely remember that at the end of 2019, Tesla, a company known for its electric cars and its founder, the controversial Elon Musk, who by the way π destroys all his phones within a few months of using them, presented the Cybertruck, a car with a design that left no one indifferent and promised unmatched durability.

Well, a matter of taste apart, the truth is that this Cybertruck served as inspiration for a well-known smartphone at the time and which we already told you about in Androall. The truth is that in the market there are mobile phones of all kinds of designs and names, but this one would be on the podium for ugliest devices without a doubt. And if you don’t believe it, you’d better see it for yourself.

An iPhone 11 with the design of a Cybertruck, what could go wrong?

His name brings them to him. It is called Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone and as you may have noticed, it is an iPhone 11 with a pretty design…. peculiar? and with a price that we will see later, it is prohibitive. The well-known YouTube Marques Brownlee has brought it to his channel and beyond its horrible design, it is still a normal iPhone 11.

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And honestly, there is nothing wrong with having an iPhone 11. Not surprisingly, it is the best-selling device of this 2020 and by far. The criticism is to buy this device for $ 7,680 and not just because it is expensive – each one does what he wants with his money – but because it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a mobile device with such an ugly design.

Based on the Cybertruck design, the Caviar phone is a total nonsense. It is still an iPhone embedded in a steel case and that is not really good. Not only because of the coverage failures or the lack of heat dissipation it may have, but also because the design is poorly done. As Marques himself teaches, You can’t even charge with cables other than Apple originals because they don’t fit through the charging plug!

So either you are tacky lovers or you just want to get attention, this Caviar iPhone 11 Cyberphone is your device. As long as you have the almost $ 8,000 it costs. Almost nothing.

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