The file transfer system between devices reaches the first terminals.

We had been waiting for it for some time, and finally it is here: Google has started the deployment of Nearby Share, its new file transfer system between devices, which arrives to position itself as a real alternative to Apple’s AirDrop system.

As they explain in Android Police, Google has confirmed that the beta version of Nearby Share Start reaching the first users today through an update to Google services. Thanks to this beta, we already know how this new system works.

Nearby Share on Android

The illustration with which Google announces the arrival of Nearby Share

How Nearby Share works

As we already knew, Nearby Share is a system for transferring files between devices, as long as they are within a short distance. Thanks to the first shared captures, we see that this function will appear as a new option within the native “Share” menu of Android, instead of having a specific section within the panel itself. However, the way this option will appear will be slightly different depending on the type of information to share.

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In this sense, it is necessary to mention that Nearby Share allows you to share all kinds of information, from images, music or videos, to URLs or copied text.

Nearby Share will also feature its own section within system settings. Through it, it is possible to activate or deactivate this option, and carry out other actions such as modify visibility of our device so that it can be found by all our contacts, only some of them, or completely hide our device. Another option offered by this settings panel is the possibility of change the name by which other people see our device.

With the tool activated, when sharing any type of information using Nearby Sharing we will see a card that shows a preview of the content, and a list of nearby devices to whom we may want to send the data.

Its operation is simple: when transferring any type of information, the transfer mechanism chosen in the settings panel will be used – either without an Internet connection using Wi-Fi Direct or through the Internet using mobile data to transfer files small in size. In any case, the user receiving the information you will have to accept the transfer to receive the file. Otherwise, it will be canceled.

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This new function has begun its deployment in a limited way among some Android devices through a server-level update of Google Services. According to the company, the idea is to end up expanding the availability of Nearby Share to all Android devices with system versions equal to or greater than 6.0 Marshmallow, as well as other platforms such as ChromeOS.

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