Eau Space

One of the last things that may come to mind when we think of Space is how it smells. It is something so strange, that a group of entrepreneurs had to come to bring that fragrance to Earth.

Because Eau de Space is called the company that promises to have created the first perfume that smells of space. The entire universe in a small glass bottle with a box with an astronaut on the front.

“What does Space smell like?” We connected with NASA to bring the world’s first perfume, independently verified by real astronauts, to Earth, “the company said in the page of Kickstarter.

Eau Space

As of Tuesday, June 30, Eau de Space funding has already reached almost $ 60,000. Apart from that, it already has more than 1,600 sponsors, with only 47 days to complete its promotion.

Now, what the hell does space smell like? Perhaps the most accurate answer is Peggy Whitson, astronaut and former resident of the International Space Station who in a 2002 CNN interview , commented that the outer space smells of smoke.

“It’s like the smell of a gun, right after shooting,” he said. “I think it has an almost bitter smell in addition to being smoked and burned,” he said.

The Eau Space company points out about its creation: “nWe have associated you with award-winning perfumers, some of the best in the world, and we have secured the rights to launch this product exclusively. Our team consists of the best experience in fashion, technology, design and logistics, all with the desire to increase STEM through experimental education. Eau de Space is our first product launch under this important initiative, and we hope there will be many more. ”

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