Keen, Google’s new social network, is now available to download and install completely free on Android.

Google is a company that is involved in a large number of projects, such as Stadia, its streaming video game platform, or the development of a debit card, among many others. The Mountain View company is known for launching a large number of these projects on the market, such as Keen, a social network that mixes Pinterest with Discover and it can now be downloaded and installed completely free on Android devices.

CJ Adams, co-founder of Keen, has confirmed through an official statement that Keen can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store. An app that has been developed as part of the experimental projects division Google Area 120 and whose idea was born from a conversation by Adams with his wife after spending hours browsing the Internet for publications, images and news. Aiming to create a place to spend more time with a collection of related ideas, links and resources, Adams created Keen together with four friends.

Keen, the new social network of Google

This is Keen, the new Google social network that mixes Pinterest and Discover.

This small working group collaborated with a Google team called People and AI Research (PAIR), dedicated to human-centered machine learning systems, to develop this experiment. Keen is a social network that mix Pinterest with Discover, and can be used on both Android devices and the web version. In this social network the user decides what he wants to spend more time on and then selects the content of the web and the people he trusts to help make that happen. In general, the user makes an “interest”It can be on any topic, whether it’s baking delicious bread at home, getting into birdwatching, or researching typography.

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This is Keen, the new Google social network that is now available for Android

The co-founder of the social network claims that Keen allows the user to select the content they love, share your collection with others and find new content based on what you have saved. For example, sharing the collection can help others, and Adams gives the example of his wife, who found resources to help her learn about bird watching. Therefore, you can use the social network to create a collection of the best resources on a topic that the user knows well to share with others so that they learn about it. Collections that can be so much private as well as public.

On the other hand, Keen uses Google search and the latest in machine learning so that the user can be attentive to all useful content related to their interests. Therefore, the more you save in the collection, the better the recommendations of the social network will be. Even if you are not an expert on a topic, you can always start to select a topic and save some interesting links that may come in handy. Some snippets of content that they act like seeds and that help users discover more content related to the passage of time.

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Even users can follow records that others have created, thus discovering thousands of lists selected by the community and receiving alerts when new content is added. On the other hand, it should be noted that Keen is not intended to be a place to spend endless hours sailing, but is a kind of home for people’s interests, where to cultivate knowledge, share it and find new things, according to CJ Adams.

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