Workout Timer is a minimalist timer with which to create your own exercise routines and that you can download and install for free.

Google Play Store It has a large number of games and applications of all kinds and colors, and over the weeks it is adding new ones that are worth knowing. If days ago the Android app store, where you can find one that allows you create your own deepfakesincorporated the power of photoshop; The last app that has come to the store is Workout Timer, with which users can create their own exercise routines, and of which we will tell you all the details below.

It is a new and simple application that is available for download completely free on devices with Android operating system and that is used by users record the exercises you do with time intervals to be able to follow them immediately. Undoubtedly, it is a useful application with which to exercise on a daily basis without losing any detail of a simple and minimalist way, since it does not have side menus, buttons or other types of elements that annoy visually.

Workout Timer

Workout Timer, an application with which to create your own exercise routines.

The objective of the Workout Timer is for the user to create their own exercise routines with this minimalist timer, and in a simple way. To do this, you can modify various aspects to create the daily training that is carried out, either at home or on the street, and with which you need a break time to take a breath, such as ABS. The app has three parameters that can be modified, such as the number of repetitions of the exercise, the time assigned to each exercise or the break time.

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Workout Timer, an app to keep better control of daily exercise

Modifying the number of repetitions is used, for example, to determine the number of crunchesFor example, what you want to do in each batch. For its part, changing the time assigned to each repetition serves to set a time limit to complete the exercises. Finally, adjusting the rest time, which is used to catch your breath, allows assign the minutes and seconds that is had between each exercise and interval of work to take air.

But that’s not all, since this minimalist timer can also be used, even, when performing other tasks, such as the study. As we have already mentioned before, Workout Timer is an interesting application that can be download and install completely free for devices with Android operating system, although it has advertising within the application (which is not really annoying when using the app). If thanks to the confinement for the Covid-19 you have become fond of perform physical and sports exercises At home, do not hesitate to lend a hand to this application with which you can control your daily sports activity in a simple way.

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