Xiaomi sells this Catlink product that will come as a finger ring if you have cats.

Xiaomi not only has an online store in which it sells its own products, but also has a store in which the company is also dedicated to selling products from other companies, Just as, for example, Aliexpress does, and it has an infinity of interesting products, such as an anti-mosquito cactus that now that summer is here is very convenient.

But today what we are going to talk about is an intelligent cat litter box, strange as it may seem. And is that, if you have a cat you will know that a litter box is something essential for the house – unless you share the cat with Robert DeNiro in Meet the Parents – and this one that Xiaomi is selling in her store is quite special.

Xiaomi youpin sandbox

The automatic sandpit that Xiaomi sells on YouPin is a great investment if you have a cat

This is the smart sandbox from the Xiaomi store that does the dirty work for you

Xiaomi is selling a smart sandbox in its store that literally does the dirty work for you, as it has a drum with holes, like that of a washing machine, which rotates, making the sand stay in the upper container, while the excrement would go to a deposit at the bottom where there is a bag so that you can then remove it comfortably, without having to get your hands dirty at all.

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This Catlink brand device has a 13 liter capacity, and it is basically made for the cat to go through the hole at the top and relieve himself comfortably in it, and you should not worry about the size, since it has dimensions of 60x58x71 centimeters, which, a priori, is enough so that a cat can comfortably access.

The device can be activated automatically, and It will leave everything clean in around 3 minutes, without you having to worry about anything other than changing the bags every so often to keep everything clean.

The price, however, exceeds one hundred euros, and it is not strange if we consider the technology that this device has. Specifically, it costs 125 euros to the change in YouPin and is currently in the process of financing.

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