For 15 euros and with shipping from Spain, this powerbank is a benchmark in the market.

Personally, I think that a powerbank is one of the essential accessories that everyone should have to accompany your smartphone, since with one of these devices, we can give life to our terminal when it is running out of battery, without having to depend on the plugs, which gives enough autonomy and independence.

Today we are going to show you one of the best options you can buy right now to be your daily powerbank, since It has an overwhelming value for money, and also has some very interesting features in every way, so let’s take a look at the Romoss LT20!

Romoss tl20

The Romoss LT20 has 20,000 mAh and a screen where we will see the remaining charge

Buy this 20,000 powerbank for only 15 euros

As we have said, we consider power banks an essential accessory for anyone, since even to use it indoors it is useful, since it makes If our mobile needs to be charged, we do not have to be glued to the plug to get a little boost with the battery. And this of having independence with respect to the charger, but without giving up charging the mobile, is fine.

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This Romoss LT20 that we are showing you has a capacity of 20,000 mAh battery, that will allow you to charge your smartphone around 5 times, enough to spend a good part of a week even when you are away from home. And to take advantage of so much power, this portable battery has two USB type A ports of the lifetime, one port USB Type C, a microUSB and even a port Lightning so you can charge it without changing the cable if you have an iPhone. These last three ports are used to charge the powerbank, but USB Type C has the peculiarity of being reversible, so you can also use it to charge other devices.

Romoss LT30 powerbank

The LED display of the Romoss batteries indicates the level of charge

As you can see, the battery has a compact design in which the white color predominates, while, in addition, its upper part is black, and within this, we find a small LED screen that will indicate the charge percentage remaining to the battery, so you know at all times how much is left so you have to go through the charger again.

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Its measurements are 16.7 x 8.25 x 2.3 cm, reason why it is quite compact for all the load that it has inside, and you are going to be able to transport it in a bag, fanny pack or backpack without any problem. In fact, it can become an essential for your backpack on a daily basis, since it never hurts to carry it with you.

And the best thing about this is that for a price of 15 euros, and with shipping from Spain, It is one of the best powerbanks when it comes to value for money.

This is an offer available at the time of article posting. Discounts may vary based on stock and store demand.

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