Tips and tricks to make the most of Google Photos

The Google Photos app is more than just a place to have your images and videos: it also allows you to create and share albums, edit images and have personalized clips, among other possibilities. If you do not know them or if you are a newcomer to the app, we show you the best tricks for Google Photos below.

It is not a definitive list, we will update it in order to have the best possible experience. Trust us: it’s worth it.

Your photos from Facebook to Google Photos

Facebook made available to users worldwide a tool that allows you to transfer your photos and videos from the social network to Google Photos. Although it is not a complicated process, you must carry out several steps for the copy to be made. Thus, it is best to review this guide that we have prepared for this purpose.


Curiously, we know some users who do not take advantage of the option to make a backup in Google Photos, so if their cell phone is stolen or damaged, they may lose important photos and videos, saved only in the team’s gallery.

The platform of the Californian company allows to backup, in the cloud and automatically, the images taken with the phone in two ways: in high quality, but with a small file size (unlimited free storage); and in original (the space required by the material in its full resolution will be subtracted from the free or paid fee of your Google account).

To make the selection, open the app, go to the main menu that is displayed when you click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left, choose Setting and click Backup and sync; in the new window, choose Loading size, which will display the two options previously described.

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Backup to Google Photos


Google Photos automatically creates several albums, for which it considers factors such as people and pets, and places. It is also possible to start one from scratch.

Go to the section Albums, located at the bottom of the screen, between Photos and For you. Locate and click on the option New album. In the new window, put the title that best describes the collection and start adding the photos.

How to create albums in Google Photos

Share quickly

Google indicates that as of May 19, 2020, when you want to distribute an album, the default option will be to share with someone or specific people through your Google account. The option of doing it through a link is not removed, clarifies the Californian firm.

To test this new feature, in an album, you must click on the share symbol (in the upper right) and, in the new window that opens, select the contacts to whom you want to send the album. That easy!

Share an album on Google Photos.


Google Photos makes it easy to make thematic clips with your photos and videos, from those that involve pets to one of how your children grow, through the commemorations, to celebrate Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. You can also start creating a “movie” from scratch.

At the bottom of the main interface, go to For you, which is located between the sections Albums and Shared. Once here, select the option Movie, represented by the icon of a clapperboard; Among the alternatives that are deployed, is that of New movie, which lets you make a video totally to your liking.

How to make a movie with Google Photos

Photos of the same event

It usually happens that the guests at an event take several photos, with the promise that they will “send” them, however, that rarely happens. The solution is to create a shared album where you and others can add and view the images.

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First, select the album in which you would like your contacts to add their photos (you have to create it in advance). Once inside, click on the three points in the upper right and click on Options; in the menu that opens, check the box Share (in case it is deactivated); you will see how new tools are shown. Check the box To collaborate and finally choose Invite more people, so that they can add their photos to this shared album.

Albums shared on Google Photos

All image folders made in collaboration with other users can be found at Shared, at the bottom of the main interface, next to the section For you.

Free up cell phone storage

One of the main intentions with Google Photos is for your images to be backed up in the cloud, as mentioned at the beginning of this article. So, if you already have them here, it is not worth continuing to store these in the cell phone, right?

To remove them, you don’t even have to do it manually in the smartphone. In the app, go to Setting and select Free up storage on device. A pop-up window will appear with the number of elements to be removed because they are already backed up; Confirm the action to no longer see them in the team gallery.

Free up space with Google Photos


If you don’t want certain images to appear in the main interface of Google Photos, you can archive them, which does not mean that they will be deleted. In fact, they will continue to appear in albums and search results.

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All you have to do is choose the images (put some pressure on them, until the selection popcorn appears). Then, click on the three points located in the upper right and choose Move to File.

Archive images in Google Photos

To see all the archived photos, go to the main menu that is displayed when you click the three horizontal lines in the upper left and choose Archive. From here you can also unarchive them.

Search images

If at any time you want to show a specific photo to a friend or family member, but you are not sure about the date it was taken, the best thing to do is to do a search, and everyone knows that Google is the master of this practice.

Click on the top bar in Google Photos, where it says “Search.” Write a word that is related to the image that interests you, such as beach, concerts or plants, for example, and confirm your search. You will soon see how all the photographs related to the term are displayed.

Searching for images in Google Photos

Chromecast support

Google Photos is compatible with Chromecast, which means that you can view your photos on the screen where you have the device installed, in order to share your best moments with family or friends.

To get started, just click on the streaming icon located in the top bar of the application, next to your profile picture. The passing of images is controlled through your smartphone.

Playing Google Photos images on Chromecast.

* Updated on June 10, 2020 by Luis Miguel Paredes.

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