Tocilizumab: what it is and why doctors are asking it to treat the virus

The WHO has already said it: Mexico is in a critical stage of contagion and death due to the epidemic that is experienced throughout the world. Given this, specialists look for alternatives that help control cases, and prevent infections from becoming serious. In social networks there is a debate, what is Tocilizumab and why doctors are asking it to treat the virus.

Some doctors raised their voices on social networks, and joined together to ask the Federal Commission for the Protection of Health Risks (Cofepris) to release the Tociluzimab distribution, which is blocked at customs, and is key to treating coronavirus.

Francisco Moreno Sánchez, head of the COVID-19 program at Hospital ABC, expressed his request through Twitter, where he explained that there is a shortage of the drug in Mexico.

“When Mexico has one of the highest case fatality rates worldwide, we are running out of a fundamental drug for the treatment of COVID-19. It is called Tociluzimab ”, he published.

What is Tocilizumab?

The American College of Rheumatology ensures that the Tocilizumab It is a medicine used to treat inflammation of the body, frequently used in rheumatoid and ideopathic arthritis problems.

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However, also has been used to treat coronavirus with great effectivenessThus, according to José Padua, a doctor at the Hospital Bitemédica and ABC, he is able to block inter-lucina 6, and stop an inflammatory cascade that leads to multiple organ failure.

“We appeal to the good judgment of the doctors and the Cofepris authorities so that they can facilitate the passage of customs this interleukin 6 blocker that has been used in different parts of the world,” he urged.

The specialist assured that this drug has been proven has been effective both in Mexico and in Europe in severe cases of COVID-19, both in private and public hospitals in this country.

Also, Alejandro Macías, doctor of the National Research System (SIN), who also actively participated during the influenza epidemic in Mexico, joined the requests of his fellow doctors, highlighting the effectiveness of the Tocilizumab.

“It is true that Tocilizumab is not a wonderful medicine for patients with Covid-19. However, it is one of the few interventions that still has evidence in favor, so it is useful in the context of the few tools we have, ”he explained.

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Until the last report from the Federal Government, in Mexico more than 129 thousand 184 cases of infected people have been detected, while more than 15 thousand 300 people have died.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that Mexico is in its most critical stage of the disease, and that the highest peak of infections is coming, so it called on the population to avoid going out on the street as much as possible .

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