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Product Description


MINYUOCOM’s Brand Concept, born from an extremely rational manufacturing process with an eye to creating: Simple, Trustworthy, Exceptional quality products.

Reverse Folding UmbrellaReverse Folding Umbrella

Reverse Folding Umbrella

It has a reverse folding design and is closed in the opposite direction, so the inside of the umbrella gets wet rather than the outside. It can be placed anywhere but not troubling you. It is very convenient compared to ordinary umbrella for people who take a bus or drive to commute.

Fine WorkmanshipFine Workmanship

Water Repelled CapacityWater Repelled Capacity

Strongly WindproofStrongly Windproof

Large & Super LightweightLarge & Super Lightweight

Fine Workmanship

Convenient one-button automatic button and 8 sturdy umbrella bones. With a leaky cover and reflective tape, it is super water repelled and enhances safety on rainy nights.

Water Repelled Function

Excellent capacity to vibrate the raindrops down to ground with extremely high-density PG Cloth. Would never get your clothing wet under this umbrella.

Strong Structure

The umbrella, made of durable aluminum alloy, is light and does not rust, resistant to bending and strong wind. The skeleton made of fiber material that is difficult to break.

Large & Lightweight

The opening diameter is 105cm. The length is about 30cm when folding and the weight is about 360g. It is extremely lightweight and does not get tired after handling it for a long time.


Product Information

Weight: about 340gSurface Length * Umbrella SurfaceDiameter * Size: 118cm * 105cm * 30cmMaterial: surface material: PG cloth; rib: aluminum alloy; child bone: fiber Package Contents: Folding umbrella * 1 + storage pouch * 1

How to open

Press the open / close button once to open.

How to close

1. Press the handle button once when the umbrella is opened.

2.Hold the tips of the umbrellas with both hands and push them in until you hear a click.

Improtant Points

Opens very quickly after pushing the button. So do not aim it at person.

Be sure to push the shaft at a stretch until it is reset after closing automatically

Please dry well in the shade & store in dark place to prevent deterioration of the ribs and fabric





Large Size

An ordinary umbrella’s diameter is 90cm while our umbrellas surface diameter is 105cm. It is large enough to accommodate two adults.

For Both Rainy & Sunny days

Resists wind and rain with super high water repelled capacity. Prevent strong sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays in sunny days with PG cloth surface. Can be used for both rainy & sunny days.

Will not Wet Your Car

Our reverse folding umbrella closes the umbrella in a creatively opposite direction and does not wet the cars, subways or buses.

Reflective Tape

Reflective tape for night traffic safety! Reflective umbrellas reduce the risk of accidents by increasing driver visibility on dark nights.

NIGHT SAFETY: Reflective umbrellas reduce the risk of accidents by increasing drivers’ visibility on dark nights.
PRIME MATERIAL: 8 robust ribs and the high-density waterproof material works well even under wind force 12 and wind speeds up to 140 km / with heavy rains.
UPGRADED SIZE: Even being used by two people at the same time, the upgrade umbrella in 105 cm diameter keep your shoulders and back stay dry.
PORTABLE SIZE: It can be easily stored in every handbag and backpack with a size of only 30cm and a weight of only 340 grams.

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