Vanessa Guzmán boasts a new style and looks like another, they call her Hercules

Vanessa Guzmán boasts a new style and looks like another, they call her Hercules. Although it is still beautiful, its traditional image was left behind. Recall that before being an actress, she had been a beauty queen in the “Nuestra Belleza” pageant, winning it in 1994 and later representing Mexico in the prestigious pageant of miss Universe from 1996.

Vanessa Guzmán She was always beautiful and talented, shortly afterwards she became a renowned actress, participating in TV soaps, series and more, being “Single with daughters” the most recent, next to Gabriel Soto.

After weeks of controversy, after being singled out as a difficult companion by the actress Cynthia Klitbo, own Vanessa Guzmán clarified that they had been difficult times in his life and now reappears in social networks like a new woman.

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With a great artistic career, an older son who inherited his beauty and his charisma and that he has stolen sighs on the internet, in addition to another small one, Vanessa Guzmán The world is shown as a butterfly that has gone through a great metamorphosis, but there was plenty of people who cared for it when they saw it so different.

Vanessa Guzmán and her great transformation thanks to fitness

This week Vanessa Guzmán He boasted an image where he sports a sports outfit that beyond leaving little to the imagination, showed how hard he has worked to make his body a true temple of health and love.

Vanessa Guzmán She looked very different from how we saw her in the novel and proudly commented that she had adopted exercise routines and a diet to be a better version of herself.

Even if Vanessa Guzmán He was happy with the result and continues to work to stay that way, some of his followers in Instagram They commented that she was too muscular and that she looked unfeminine.

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Vanessa Guzmán She replied kindly, making it clear that criticism was welcome but it was her who decided on her body. Others applauded her bravery, as these changes are not easy, especially for mature women like her.

Vanessa Guzmán does not take her finger off the line and is optimistic about what is to come, but it seems that she has adopted Adele’s motto “Before I cried, now I sweat.”

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